Happy 1st Anniversary, DOD3!!


In celebration of the DOD3 1st Anniversary and the corresponding contest, I asked my incredibly talented musician friend, Alphadeus, to work his magic on an original remix. This is his rendition of “Descendeus” from the original soundtrack.

Also, if you like what you hear, I suggest listening to some of his other original works, either on YouTube or on Bandcamp, at the links below. He rarely does cover/remixes, but his style is still very heavily influenced by video game music. You’ll also hear styles including space, new age, trance, electronica, chip tunes, and much, much more!!
DOD3 “Descendeus” Remix by Alphadeus

Alphadeus on YouTube

Alphadeus on Bandcamp

Drakengard 3 FAQ

This is a quick FAQ for those of you who may still have some questions regarding DOD3 and others. If you have another question that isn’t covered here, please let me know and I will add it.

This is a compilation of the answers that I made in the following posts on GameFAQs:


** Also, please beware of spoilers. You should not read this if you have not yet completed through Branch D of the game.



Why did One want to kill Zero in Branch A?

According to this scene and the DOD3 Complete Guide, both One and Zero shared the same goal: To kill all Utautai.

One appears to have the most clear understanding about their situation–that the entire purpose of the Flower is to destroy the world, which is why she believes that the Utautai should not exist.

In the scene in which Zero approaches One in the main hall of the Cathedral, One is sitting with a book in her hands that deals with the history of the Cathedral City. I really think that if she could get Zero to stop and really think things out clearly, they might have been able to come to a different conclusion besides murdering each other. Then again, maybe not.



Why is Two not in Branch D?

We don’t know how Two died in Branch D, but according to the DOD3 Complete Guide, she is already dead at the point we enter this branch–after Chapter 2, Verse 3 on March 19, 1000. If you also take note of the date in which Two’s DLC takes place, we can assume that she died in the battle with the Homunculus.

Also, please check the following pages for further reference:

The Complete Drakengard Timeline (Work in progress)

The Outline for Branches and Divergent Paths



Why does Two kill her sisters in Branch B?

According to the Complete Guide, it says that Two goes nuts (presumedly after the events in her DLC) and goes on a rampage. She kills Three and then kills One before Zero and the gang catch up with her. The thing is with the Utautai is that they are very unstable. The Flower copied their personalities and created their memories of their lives together–in essence, it gave them fake emotions and love for each other. So this is why the younger Utautai love One, because she is like their big sister, always looking out for them (also check the events in the manga “Utahime Five”). But when they use too much of their power and if they use it too long, they begin to come unraveled and can even fall into a berserker rage, unable to control their actions. This is basically what happens to Two in these branches.



Where is Brother One in Branches B, C, and D?

Brother One’s story from Branch A continues in the manga “Shi ni Itaru Aka”. For the other branches, we can assume that since the final battle between One and Zero never took place in the same location (Branch A was in the main hall of the Cathedral, Branch B was in the Land of Forests, Branch C was in the basement orphanage area of the Cathedral, and Branch D was above the ruins of the Cathedral City) or never took place at all, Brother One could still be in hiding. From his novella chapter, we learn that One instructed him to hide away inside and to never come out. He only comes out in Ending A so he could finish One’s wish and kill Zero… but this could explain his absence in the other branches. For all intents and purposes story wise for the game, he is not a vital figure to further the plot, so it could be a reason why he never made another appearance. His story is really only explored in Branch A… so I welcome all “better ends” that may or may not occur for him in other branches…

On a side note, we know that Branch E, which is explained in the DOD3 novel, directly links to the events in DOD1. Brother One makes an appearance as the narrator as he’s telling his story to an unnamed audience, although he is probably talking with the unnamed, female aide who eventually appoints herself as the Second Seal of the Goddess. I have yet to read to the end of the novel (other projects keep popping up), but you can read my notes on what I’ve read thus far here.



At the end of Branch D, it says that the Flower has been sealed away… What does this mean?

At first I was confused about this as well, but after further viewing of the ending and actually asking Yoko Taro about this, I’ve come to the conclusion that the girls have been SEALED away into another world or dimension; essentially meaning that for all intents and purposes, they are dead…but not quite. There is a possibility they could come back at some point in the future, which is what Accord’s final words allude to.

Also, by saying “another world”, it’s unclear whether this is another branching timeline, a parallel universe, or an altogether different world/planet. However, since there are so many similarities between them, the stone-like version of the flower/the girls could be the same as the Queen-beast at the end of DOD1. Of course, any connection between DOD3 and DOD1 at this point has been made in retrospect, so anything is possible.



Where do One, Two, Three, Four, and Five get their personalities from?

The Flower copied their personalities from people that Zero met throughout her lifetime. There is more detail on this in the DOD3 novel (please check my notes, linked above).

It had been said in the past that the girls’ personalities were taken from a band of female freedom fighters, but I don’t believe this is accurate, especially given the narrative in the novel. It may be more accurate, however, to say that the leader of these freedom fighters gave One her leadership skills and desire to protect her younger sisters.



Are there any reoccurring characters?

Brother One
Brother One is directly related to both Seere and Manah from DOD1. They are separated by roughly 4 generations. Visually, it should be obvious that they are related.

You can also view Brother One’s lineage that I helped to compile on the wiki here.

Considering how similar the ending battles to both DOD1 and DOD3 are, the connection between the Flowerified Utautai girls and the Queen-beast should be pretty obvious. The connection is never confirmed point-blank, but the similarities are certainly there.



How does Nier fit into the whole Drakengard universe?

The majority of the “connecting” stories has been made in retrospect and was never intended in the beginning. Yoko Taro is quoted as saying that he never envisioned there would be a sequel to DOD1, so he didn’t really think that far into it. He was largely left out of the development of DOD2 but was active as creator/director for Nier, although he worked on the story for the unfortunately cancelled game for the Xbox360 called Cry-on in 2008 (it is unclear whether or not this unfinished game has a place in the Drakengard timeline along with Nier).

The story of Nier directly connects with the Drakengard timeline, taking place after the events of the original DOD1, Ending E. So, once you beat that, you could effectively go and play Nier again. DOD2 does not apparently exist in the same timeline.

And this is specifically to help illustrate where the DOD1.3 novella fits in the overall timeline, but I think it can apply here as well. This will help you see how all the games are tied into each other in the overall flow of the timeline.



Are there any other spinoffs related to the Drakengard/Nier franchise?

If you feel like the game left a ton of holes… it could be because the majority of the story is spread throughout multiple different mediums besides the game itself. The above image regarding the timeline will also help you to see how all the “extra” story material fits in, but here’s a general overview:

MANGA: Utahime Five –> Prequel to DOD3. Tells the story from the view of One and her younger sisters.

MANGA: Shi ni Itaru Aka –> Continuing story after DOD3, Branch A. Follows Brother One and his psychotic Elf friend, Nero, as they attempt to find the cause and eradicate the Red Eye Disease.

CHARACTER NOVELLAS –> The majority of these are available online at the official Web site. These chapters will give you a better inside-understanding of the characters. There are a few that are only available in Japanese (and/or fan translated) because they were only released in the 10th Anniversary Box.

-World Inside- NOVELLAS –> There were three novellas printed in the -World Inside- book that was included with the 10th Anniversary Box, one for each of the main titles: DOD1, DOD2, and Nier. There are also 10 Nier-themed short stories in Grimoire Nier.

NOVELS –> There have been several novel versions of the games (especially DOD1). They’re all pretty good, but only the “Story Side” novels are actually written by one of the main DOD novelists, Eishima Jun.

I believe that is the majority of the connecting material, but I’m still not convinced that Yoko Taro’s “YoRHa” stage play is not connected somehow. If you haven’t heard anything about this, I suggest reading the posts here.


Many of the images on this page are courtesy of yosuga’s channel on YouTube.


Xenoblade X: More designers announced



Takahashi Tetsuya of Monolith Soft, who pushed forward the development of the open-world RPG “Xenoblade X” (read as “Xenoblade Cross”) for the Wii U, has been releasing the names of designers involved in the production little by little. 

It has now become known that Fumihiro Katagai and Rare Engine will be participating in the development of the game.

Visit the Xenoblade X Twitter Page Here!

Source: Game Jouhou


Fumihiro Katagai is known for the following anime titles:

Towa no Quon
Chou Soku Henkei Gyorozetter
Chiaika – The Coffin Princess
Code Geass

Visit Fumihiro Katagai’s Facebook Page Here!





Rare Engine
is known for the following video game titles:

Sangokushi Taisen
Sengoku Taisen

Visit Rare Engine’s Home Page Here!

12/18/14 Update


Tetsuya Takahashi has just announced the final designer who is currently working on the new Xenoblade X title: Hideyuki Matsumoto.

He previously worked on the weapon system in Xenosaga, so he will be involved in designing weapons for the new title.

Takahashi also announced that Kusanagi, Inc. will be producing the background artwork.

Source:  https://twitter.com/XenobladeJP

Nier Drama CD: Replicant Private High School

On the last couple pages of the insert that came with the Nier Replicant Drama CD, it talks about yet another high school scenario involving the characters from Nier–much like the previous high school plots with the Drakengard characters. There are only four pages regarding this material and one is merely a title page, so I will get a translation for these pages finished soon.

This scenario also appears in the final tracks of the CD. Here is a brief look at the track list in regard to how much of it I have translated so far:

Disc 2

  • Track 04: “Final Curfew Call”
  • Track 05: “The Classroom”
  • Track 06: “The Student Teacher”
  • Track 07: “Greeting by the Head Teacher”
  • Track 08: “The Cheerleading Squad”
  • Track 09: “Lunch Break”
  • Track 10: “The Lavatory”
  • Track 11: “The Baton Relay”
  • Track 12: “Good Work Today?”
  • Track 13: “Folk Dance”

** Please note that, if you like this information and want to cite it, please do not simply copy and paste this into a wiki without crediting me as its source. Thank you. **


Cast List

Nier (Little Brother/LB)
He cherishes his little sister Yohna so much that he has little interest in anything else.
His childhood friend Kainé treats him like her little brother.
Friends with Emil.
He is insensitive toward the feelings of women.

Nier (Big Brother/BB)
Student teacher at the school.
Brother of Nier (LB) and Yohna.
He thinks Yohna is extremely cute.
He is oblivious of his own feelings for his childhood friend, Kainé.
Just like Nier (LB), he is insensitive toward the feelings of women.

Senior. Classmates with Nier (LB) and Emil.
Childhood friends with both LB and BB Nier.
She and her older brother Tyrann do not get along well and often fight.
She is in love with her childhood friend, Nier (BB).
Likewise, she treats Nier (LB) as her little brother.

Senior. Classmates with Nier (LB) and Kainé.
Fell in love at first sight with the teacher-in-training, Nier (BB).
Wants to get along well with teacher Nier—also sexually.
He adores Kainé like his older brother.

She is the youngest sibling in Nier’s family.
Weak from her illness, she is well loved by her older brothers.
If she had to choose, she thinks more fondly of Nier (LB).
Nier (BB) is so large that she has difficulty with him. But she still likes him.

Kaine’s older brother
He is the same age as Nier (BB) and is also a student teacher.
He seems to be bad friends with Nier (BB).
He has bad relations with his younger sister, Kainé.

Music teacher
She seems to have a thing for Nier (BB).
She is usually quite lively, but often gets much cuter when she drinks.
Popola is her twin sister.

Japanese teacher
She loves Devola a little too much.
She is usually calm, but often destroys everything when she drinks.
Devola is her twin sister.

King of Façade
Foreign exchange student in Nier (LB)’s class.
He really is the king, and Fyra his wife, but either the other students don’t believe him or simply don’t think about it very deeply.
His nickname is “King”.
He talks a lot even though people don’t have a clue what he’s saying.

The King’s Advisor
Always tags along with the King.
He really is an advisor to the King (King of Façade).

A student at a different school and the wife of the King (King of Façade).
She is the queen of a foreign country.

Grimoire Weiss, Principal
He is extremely weak to water.
For whatever reason, he is always away on a business trip.

Grimoire Noir, Head Teacher
He is extremely weak to water.
He is earnestly awaiting the day when his true master, the Shadowlord, shall return.


Replicant Private High School – A Guide to the School

  • Message from the Principal
Grimoire Weiss, Principal

Grimoire Weiss, Principal

The Replicant Private High School is a young, start-up school; however, I value the free will of our students and take great pride in their accomplishments.

One of the mottos of our school is “having the courage to choose”.  While I respect the need for “freedom”, it can only be obtained and maintained by a making a series of “choices”.  We make many choices in the course of our lives, and choosing our school is one of them.  We pleasantly await those insignificant and fun choices. and sometimes even those large choices that may potentially change lives forever.

Perhaps you will be frightened stiff when that time arrives.  I wish all of our students may have faith not to waver at any moment, and to have the courage to accept and take responsibility of their own choices.  Even if they must sacrifice something precious to protect someone precious, I wish they might have the courage to walk the path of their own choosing.  Surely, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is our hope and our mission.

  • School Motto

Our school motto is “freedom and independence”. To obtain freedom, it is necessary to always have the mind of control. Our school motto shall stand as a large pillar to support these ideals.


1. “The Courage to Make Choices”

There will come a time and place in all of our lives in which we must make choices. Therefore, we promote making choices, accepting the outcome of said choices, having the strength to digest it by oneself, and having the strength to live freely.

2. Self-discipline and Identity
Placing great emphasis on self-discipline and identity, we promote the personal regulation of one’s self-control.

  • The School Atmosphere

nier-replicant-school-classroom-hallwayRich and plentiful nature, a clean and beautiful school building with bright corridors. Our facilities include computer and language labs as well as music halls are extraordinary.

Of course, our students do not merely study.

There are various club activities for students, such as the athletic club or the culture club, that continually leave behind positive results.  At the Sports Festival and Culture Festival, each club is given the opportunity to display their skills.

At our school, we hope to help each student to cultivate their own personality and individualistic abilities.

  • School Uniforms


A simple uniform with a small needlepoint design over the chest. It exudes the feeling of cleanliness and youthfulness for both male and female students.


The sports uniform also features the same needlepoint design as the regular school uniform. The quality of the clothing is durable and well-suited for rigorous exercise.

Track 4: Final Curfew Call

PA: It’s past curfew. If there are any students still left in the building, please head home now.

Devola: Man, it really got dark quick.

Popola: You’re right.

Devola: Tomorrow’s the beginning of the Sports Festival. I doubt there are any more students here. I don’t know why we still have to patrol around.

Popola: You just want to hurry home and drink?

Devola: You’re probably right. I wanna freaking get home.

Popola: Devola, you’re going to participate in the teachers relay, aren’t you?

Devola: Of course! Aren’t you?

Popola: No, I think I ought to drop out. I’m fine with just watching.

Devola: Now that I think about it, the folk dance at the end. I heard the students asked us to dance with them, huh?

Popola: Yes. It’s interesting how they’d want us to dance with them…

Devola: Wha? Don’t you know?

Popola: What?

Devola: Isn’t it the same with any other school? There’s always a folk dance after the closing ceremony where they say the last two dancing will have a happy life together, or something like that.

Popola: Oh, then in that case… there is someone I’d like to dance with.

Devola: Eh? Who?

Popola: It’s a secret.

Popola: Could someone still be here?

Devola: Is someone there? It’s past curfew! …There’s nobody there.

<<creepy laughing>>


Track 5 – The Classroom

PA: The opening ceremony will be held in the schoolyard. Students who have finished with preparations, please make your way to the schoolyard.

Nier (LB): Yohna!

Yohna: Ah, onii-chan!

Nier (LB): Here’s your lunch. You forgot it at home.

Yohna: Than― <<cough, cough>>

Nier (LB): Oh, Yohna… You can’t overdo it at the Sports Festival today, okay?

Yohna: I know. I’m only going to do the ball toss.

Nier (LB): Alright. Well, both of your brothers will be there to cheer you on!

Yohna: Okay. Thank you.

Emil: Hi, Nier.

Nier (LB): Oh, Emil!

Yohna: Is this a friend of yours?

Nier (LB): Yeah, he’s a friend in my class. His name’s Emil.

Emil: This must be your little sister, right? My name is Emil.

Yohna: Nice to meet you. I’m Yohna.

Emil: You’re lucky to have such nice brothers, with Nier-kun and Nier-sensei…

Yohna: You know about our older brother?

Emil: Of course, I know! He’s a new student teacher.

Nier (LB): He gave his introduction in front of everyone at the morning assembly on that day you were absent.

Yohna: Ohh.

Emil: Speaking of which, it’s pretty rare for siblings to have the same name.

Nier (LB): Well… I think there’s a hidden meaning in there somewhere.

Emil: I bet it’s really hard. But… he must be a… really wonderful brother, right? Oh, of course, you are, too, but… What can I say? You two look a lot alike, but… he’s got this aura of adulthood around him, I suppose. When I’m near him, I can smell this wonderful scent… and my heart starts beating fast…

King: ??? (What are you doing? You’re going to be late!)

Yohna: Huh? What?

Nier (LB): Hey, King.

Yohna: King?

King: ??? (The opening ceremony’s about to begin, isn’t it?)

Emil: Ah, you’re right! I’m sorry.

Yohna: What did he say?

Emil: If we don’t hurry, we’re going to be late for the opening ceremony, I guess is what he said.

Nier (LB): He’s a foreign exchange student. Everybody calls him ‘King’.

Yohna: Wow, he really seems like a king of ancient Egypt.

Advisor: ??? (The king mustn’t be late, so everyone, please hurry along.)

Emil: The Advisor’s come looking for him, I guess.

Yohna: The Advisor?

Nier (LB): I think it’s someone who looks after the king.

Yohna: Is he really a king??

Advisor: ??? (Of course.)

Emil: “Precisely.” He says he is indeed a king. And earlier, he said that the king can’t be late to the ceremony.

Yohna: Wow. You can understand what they’re saying?

Emil: I’ve gotten used to it. I can pretty much figure out what they’re trying to say now.

Nier (LB): I told you Emil is awesome!

Advisor: ??? (King, let’s please hurry. The Queen is waiting.)

King: ??? (Alright, we need to hurry, huh? Hey, you guys. Get going!)

Emil: He said we should hurry. Let’s go! Kainé also seemed a bit annoyed.

Nier (LB): Kainé, too? Oh, man. We should hurry up! Thanks!

Yohna: Onii-chan, I’m going to be cheering hard for you, so please get first place, okay?

Nier (LB): Of course, you got it!


Track 6 – The Student Teacher

Kainé: What are you doing, Nier? Do you really think you can join the Sports Festival while wearing a suit?

Nier (BB): I think you forgot a title in there. I know we might be long-time friends, but I’m a teacher here now, Kainé.

Kainé: You’re still in training. Don’t pretend you’re actually a teacher yet.

Nier (BB): haha Wow, that’s harsh. You have to speak at the opening ceremony since you’re the senior class president, right? Is it okay for you to be here?

Kainé: Why would you think it’s okay? That’s why you have to hurry up and get changed for the ceremony!

Nier (BB): Ah, yeah… that’s the problem. I can’t find the sports uniform I set out last night. I was just now trying to think of what to do…

Kainé: Then hurry up and say something, you ****ing idiot. There’s no more time. I’ll go tear off somebody else’s uniform for you.

Nier (BB): Kainé…

Tyrann: I’ll lend you mine.

Nier / Kainé: Tyrann!

Nier (BB): Are you sure?

Tyrann: I was going to skip it anyway.

Nier (BB): Thanks, Tyrann. You really saved me.

Tyrann: No problem.

Nier (BB): Alright then, I’ll go change.

Tyrann: You don’t need to glare at me like that, Kainé. Nier and I are friends, yo. We are childhood friends who just happen to be in the same student teaching program. Helping him out is common sense.

Kainé: Don’t make me laugh.

Tyrann: Aren’t you in a bad mood?

Kainé: It’s none of your business.

Tyrann: Hey, Kainé. Call me “onii-chan”.

Kainé: Like who the hell would?

Tyrann: Oh, yeah, one more thing, Kainé.

Kainé: What is it?

Tyrann: You wanna dance with Nier at the Folk Dance, don’t you?

Kainé: !!

Tyrann: You are a woman, after all, right? Perhaps your beloved “onii-chan” can help you out.

Kainé: Shut up! I’ll cut your ****ing **** off and stuff it in your mouth!!

Tyrann: haha Boy, are you brave!

Nier (BB): Sorry to keep you waiting.

Tyrann: Well, I’m off. Good luck, Kainé.

Nier (BB): Are you guys fighting as usual?

Kainé: Ah, just leave it alone.

Emil: Oh! Nier-sensei and Kainé! C’mon, you’ve got to go!!
Ah, Nier-sensei… You’re wearing the sports uniform… This is the first time I’ve seen you like this. You look… great. And you… really smell nice, too.

Nier (BB): Oh, I’m just borrowing this uniform. I don’t know where mine went.

Emil: That’s not good.

Nier (BB): Yeah. But anyway, let’s get going.

Emil: Okay.

Nier (BB): Kainé, you too.

Kainé: Hmph.


Track 7 – Greeting by the Head Teacher

PA: Since Principal Weiss is away on business, Head Teacher Noir will begin today’s ceremony.

G.Noir: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Gentlemen, this is the opening scene of the battle! These pasts few days, I know you must have felt like retreating, but just for today, release all of your strength and power!

Emil: Is this really all right, this sort of opening…?

Nier (LB): Uh, Grimoire Noir is the head teacher after all; there’s no avoiding it.

Emil: I can’t believe that Principal Weiss would go on a business trip today, of all days!

Kainé: Yeah, he says he’s on a “business trip”, but I bet somebody just used him instead of toilet paper somewhere.

Emil: Wouldn’t that be a one-on-one?

Nier (LB): It’s all right. It’s just that his budge—uh, he said it’s the “circumstances of being an adult.”

Emil: Nier-kun… I think you pretty much the whole thing…

Kainé: It’s pointless trying to hide it! You get the point anyway.

Emil: Kainé, don’t you think you’re going a little too far?

Nier (LB): So, that’s why we should try our best! For Principal Weiss!

G. Noir: Now, let’s fight to the bitter end!!

PA: Let us begin the Second Annual Replicant Private High School Sports Festival!


Track 8 – The Cheerleading Squad

Nier (BB): Did you give Yohna her lunch?

Nier (LB): Yip.

Nier (BB): And there was some hot tea for her, too; did you give it to her? If it’s too cold, it’s not good for her stomach—

Kainé: Hey, you sister-complex brothers! Get to your posts immediately!

Emil: Nier-kun, Nier-sensei! What do you think? How do I look?

Nier (LB): haha You two really look different than usual! It looks good on you!

Nier (BB): Emil is dressed as a cheer girl and Kainé is a male student with long jacket! The two of you look great!

Emil: Eh? Uhhh!! Thank you so much!!

Kainé: Hmph.

Nier (LB): Kainé, you look so cool!!

Nier (BB): Quite masculine, huh.

Nier (LB): Yeah!

Kainé: You stupid sister-complex brothers!! Go **** your sister!

Nier (BB): Did we make her angry?

Nier (LB): Onii-chan, it seems like we made her upset.

Emil: Oh, boy… They haven’t got a clue… You guys really ought to learn a thing or two about a maiden’s heart.

Nier (BB): How is it that Emil understands ‘a maiden’s heart’?

Nier (LB): Hm, I have no idea.

Nier (BB): And that outfit looked so natural on him that I forgot to mention it but… Why was Emil dressed as a cheer girl? He’s a guy.

Nier (LB): Yeah, you’re asking the wrong guy.


Track 9 – Lunch Break

PA: The break for lunch is one hour.  The student/teacher relay will begin at 1:30pm, so please be prepared.

Emil: <<humming>> Ah!  Nier-kun!  Let’s have lunch together.

Nier (LB): Okay!  Oh, hold on a sec.

Emil: Kainé, won’t you have lunch with us, too?

Kainé: I’ll eat.

Nier (LB): Uhh…  Huh?

Emil: Is something the matter?

Nier (LB): My lunchbox is empty!

Emil: What?!

Nier (BB): Hey, do you guys have any extra lunches?

Nier (LB): Your lunch disappeared, too?

Nier (BB): Yeah.  It was empty when I opened it.

Nier (LB): Mine was empty, too!

Nier (BB): Yours, too?

Kainé: They were both… delicious.

Nier (BB): Eh?  You ate them?

Kainé: Ate them this morning.

Nier (BB): Huh?!  Kainé!?

Nier (LB): And you ate it way early!

Emil: Could it be that… you ate them this morning after these two made you angry…?

Kainé: Exactly.  You’ve got a problem with that?

Nier (BB): No, just… it’s just that…

Nier (LB): I’m so hungry…!

Yohna: Neither of you have any lunch?

Nier x2: Yohna!

Yohna: Both of you are so much bigger than I am; you need to eat!  You can have mine.

Nier x2: It’s okay, Yohna!

Yohna: But…

Nier (BB): I’ll be fine, really.  You eat.

Nier (LB): Yeah, you need to eat to do your best!  Okay?

Emil: That’s right, Yohna!  Besides, if anyone needs a lunch… I’ve got a ton here!  This is the lunch that I brought.  I think I got carried away and brought a little too much, but…

Nier (BB): A little carried away…?  This is massive.

Emil: Sensei, please don’t go back to your desk.  You can eat here with us!

Nier (LB): …and the food inside is way larger than even Osechi!!

Nier (BB): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…  How many levels does this thing have!?

Emil: I’m pleased if you like it.  Please eat as much as you like.  My butler Sebastian made it this morning.

King: ??? (What!  You have no lunch?)

Nier (LB): Ah, King!

King: ??? (Then eat ours!)

Emil: I think he said, ’Eat our lunch.’  Wow!  I’ve never seen this kind of food before!

Nier (LB): And, um… the Advisor is passing out plate after plate…  Is it really okay if we eat?

Advisor: ??? (We are always within your debt, so please do not hold back and eat as much as you like.)

Emil: Um, he says that we helped them out, so please eat.

Nier (BB): He’s still bringing more stuff out…  How much more is there!?

Advisor: ??? (Queen Fyra will be joining us as well, so please enjoy this together.)

Emil: Is Queen Fyra here?

Fyra: ??? (Excuse me, would you mind if I joined you for lunch?)

Nier (LB): Are you Fyra?

King: ??? (She is my wife!)

Emil: If I’m not mistaken, he says she is his wife.

Nier (BB): They’re married?

Fyra: ??? (I’m embarrassed to say…)

Emil: It sounds like it’s true!  You’re a bride, yes?  How wonderful!  I admire you!

Nier (LB): Ad…mire?

Nier (BB): In this case, which side…?

King: Don’t be modest, eat!

Nier (LB): Um, does he want us to eat?

Fyra: ??? (Please enjoy!)

King: ??? (It tastes much better if we eat together!)

Emil: I think you’re right.  He says, “Let’s eat together.”

King: ??? (Kainé!  You haven’t had your fill yet, have you? Eat!)

Nier (BB): “Kainé hasn’t had enough yet”, he says.

Kainé: Hmph.

Emil: Let’s eat together, Kainé!

Kainé: If you’re giving it to me, I’ll eat.

Nier (LB): There’s a lot here, so I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

Nier (BB): Here, there are chopsticks here, too.

Kainé: You’re well prepared.

Nier (LB): Yohna, you eat up, too!

Yohna: Is it okay?

King: ??? (I don’t mind.)

Nier (LB): See?  It’s okay!

Yohna: Thank you.

Emil: Bon appétit!

PA: The student/teacher relay will begin at 1:30pm, so please be prepared.

Emil: That’s the student/teacher face-off relay, right?

Nier (LB): Yeah, I’m the main representative of the students this year.

Emil: I’ll cheer for you!

Nier (BB): Good luck!

Yohna: Onii-chan, do your best!

Nier (LB): Thanks!


Track 10 – The Lavatory

PA: Runners in today’s Student/Teacher Relay, please gather in the main area.

Emil: <<humming>> You really… smell great… So sweet… like candy…

Nier (BB): Emil?

Emil: Ahh! Don’t mind me, Nier-sensei!

Nier (BB): Um, I can’t help but notice… ^^;; Although I was just going to the bathroom by myself, I wasn’t expecting to be praised behind my back like that…

Emil: Me, too, I—

Popola: Nier-sensei, hurry, come here!

Nier (BB): Popola-sensei!

Emil: Popola-sensei!! Please don’t grab me like a cat at the nape of the neck… ;_; Put me down!!

Popola: The students and teachers are going to pair off according to each school year for the relay, but Gretel-sensei hurt his left arm, so he can’t participate in the final leg of the race. Could you run instead of him?

Nier/Emil: Huh?!

Popola: The teacher running before you is Devola, so she’s already at the starting point. Please, hurry!

Emil: Nier-sensei, you’re going to run as hard as you can, won’t you? I—I’ll cheer for you!!

Nier (BB): Emil, why do you seem so happy?

Popola: Nier-sensei, you’re in charge of the seniors, so you’ll be up against your brother, huh?

Nier (BB): Now that you mention it, I think that’s what he said before…


Track 11 – The Baton Relay

PA: Oh boy!! And here comes Devola, representing the teachers, in a dead-heat with Senior Kainé!!

Nier (LB): Kainé, just a little further!!

Kainé: Chibi-Nier!!!!

Nier (LB): It’s alright! We’ve got this!

Devola: Nier-sensei, don’t let them win!!

Nier (BB): Leave it to me!

PA: The batons have been passed to the final runners. Wow, no one can match their speed! Plus, they are brothers!! I wonder which one will win!?

Popola: Nice job, Devola.

Devola: Thanks, Popola. Does it look like Nier-sensei will win?

Popola: It seems like Nier-kun might catch up to him. But, it’s a good match.

PA: Nier-sensei looks like he might be slowing down a little bit. Could this be the chance Senior Nier-kun needs to break away?! Oh, the gap between them is getting smaller and smaller…!!

Yohna: Both of you, hang in there! <<cough, cough>>

Emil: Oh, man… I have to cheer for Nier-kun, but… Ahhh! Both of you, do your best!!

Kainé: There’s no way we’ll lose to the teachers!! If you let him go, I’ll cut off your *****, you hear me!?

Devola: Go, Nier-sensei!! You can overtake him!!

Emil: Oh! Nier-sensei’s caught up with him!

Kainé: What!?


Emil: He did it!!


Track 12 – Good Work Today?

Emil: Nier-kun!  Oh, oh!!  Both of you were wonderful!!  Amazing!!  So cool!!

Nier (LB): hehheh Thanks.

Kainé: Hey, Chibi Nier.

Nier (LB): Ah, Kainé.  I’m sorry…  I lost. :P  Even after you passed the baton to me so well…

Kainé: Oh well, for you, you didn’t do so bad.

Nier (LB): Thanks.

Nier (BB): It’s pretty rare to see you complementing somebody, Kainé.

Kainé: What did you say!?

Devola/Popola: Nier-sensei!!  <<glomp>>

Devola: Nier-sensei, you did it!!

Nier (BB): Devola-sensei…

Devola: You did great!!  The afterparty is gonna rock!!  Popola will be so happy, too!!

Nier (BB): Devola-sensei, Popola-sensei, you two ought to go easy on the drinking…  You remember what happened at the welcome party…

Devola: Ah, the welcome party?  Yeah, I don’t really remember much from that night…  Oh, don’t worry about it!!  I’ve got some great stuff brewing in the science prep lab!

Nier (BB): No, the problem is because you can’t remember―

Devola: Let’s have a drink before the Folk Dance, too!  Alright, guys!  We’ll catch you later!  Emil, stop clinging to these guys and start helping everybody to clean up!

Emil: Eh!?  Nooooo!!!  Nier-sensei!!!

Nier (BB): Oh boy, it’d be better to hold off drinking until after the Folk Dance…

Kainé: Hey, Nier.

Nier (BB): Didn’t I tell you to call me “Nier-sensei” while we’re at school?

Kainé: I will win next time.

Nier (BB): Huh?

Kainé: We may have lost at the relay, but I still challenge you to something else.  I will not allow you to win then run away!!

Nier (BB): A direct competition with you, huh?  That sounds pretty interesting, too.

Kainé: !!  What did you do to your hand?

Nier (BB): My hand?  Huh?  I must have cut it when we were passing the baton, maybe.

Kainé: What are you doing?!  Get over here!!  <<yank>>

Nier (BB): Kainé!

King: ??? (Kainé!  Where is she?)

Emil: Hm?  Where is Kainé?  Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen her for a while.

King: ??? (My advisor has brought a large dessert, so please tell Kainé and Nier to come eat it anytime.)

Emil: Oooh!  And you have dessert?  Okay, I’ll let them know!  Aw… King’s left, too.  I wonder where Kainé went off to.  Maybe if put all the King’s dessert together here, the sweet scent will lead her here.

Kainé: What about dessert!?

Nier (BB): Kainé, you’re hungry again?

Emil: Oh, Kainé and Nier-sensei!

Kainé: I will eat anything, anytime.

Emil: Where did you two run off to?  Eh?  Nier-sensei, what happened to your hand!?

Nier (BB): Ahh, this?  I just hurt it a little bit.

Emil: You’re hurt!?  Ahh!  It’s huge!  Is it okay with just this flimsy wrap?

Nier (BB): No, it’s not a big deal.  Really.

Emil: Not a big deal…  But with the way it’s wrapped, it’s like you’re all bound so tightly… It’s not like I’m against bondage or anything, but… No, no!!  I don’t mean it like that…!!  But if I had to choose, I’d rather be the one bound, but… if it’s you, I don’t mind doing the binding…!!  Wha-what am I saying!?  No, it’s not like that…!

Nier (BB): He’s over-exaggerating, right?

Kainé: What?  You’ve got a problem with it?

Nier (BB): Uh, no I guess not.

PA: The Closing Ceremony is about to begin.  Students, please gather together in the separate areas according to class.

Dengeki Playstation’s Creator Interviews: Yoko Taro


The Dengeki Playstation 20th Anniversary issue (in tandem with the Playstation 20th Anniversary) was just released today. It features a brief question and answer interview with 107 creators and developers.

Here is my translation of Yoko Taro’s interview:

Creator No. 107
Yoko Taro

  • Question 1: Out of the PS titles you were involved in producing, which one did you feel the most attached to?

    I feel attached to all of the games that I worked on as director. The thing is, they were such a pain to work on that, when I think about it, I feel like I’m going to vomit, so I tend to think on it sparingly. But I appreciate the various support that Dengeki has given me.

  • Question 2: What past Playstation game do you still look back on fondly?

    Well, I’m sorry to always give the same answer, but I’d have to say it’s “ICO”. I think it was a game that showed it was okay to “only play up to a certain point.”

  • Question 3: For the game or person most on your mind, what would you ask that person?

    I want to say…… Ueda-san from “The Last Guardian”, but I’ve changed my mind and would like to ask Hiroshi Inai, who recently joined M2, the following question: Are you making a shooting game for M2? It’s a shooter, isn’t it? Please make a shooter!

  • Question 4: Not exclusively about gaming, but what topic is most on your mind?

    I don’t know why but I feel like I’ve been stricken with the unprecedented steak fad and eat it everyday. Why? Because it’s so good. I hope that cheaper and more delicious steak places will spread throughout the world!

  • Question 5: What memories do you have working on a title in 2014 or please tell us something about your most recent work!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t work on a game that was released in 2014. I am working on a new title but I would be murdered by many people if I let anything slip, so for now it’s a secret. Actually, I worked as creator for a stage play this year and was throughly impressed by a genre that I had never worked in before. Also, the new manga series that I created and am working as director, “Thou Shalt Not Die”, will be published in the monthly Big GanGan on December 25. I’m sorry to end this with such unabashed self-plugging, but I would be extremely grateful if you pick this up when you go to the bookstore.

Yoko Taro’s “Bad Thought Process” (4 of 4)

The creative mind behind the Drag-on Dragoon (Drakengard) and Nier Gestalt/Replicant series breaks down how he came to create the characteristic hit series in this 4-part, semi-regular column.

What “Drakengard 3″ means to me

Hello. I’m Yoko Taro. This is the 4th instalment of the “whatever goes” column…… At last we’ve come to the final instalment. This time let me start with a little story from the past.

This was about the time when “Dragon Quest III” was released. As an elementary school student at the time, I reserved a copy of the game from a local toy store, bought it, and played it day, after day, after day.  My friends and I would trade stories of playing the game as we explored new dungeons.

The atmosphere I experienced within games meant much more to me than the reality of everyday life; things like starry skies and the depths of space in “Gradius”, or getting a taste of the absurd in “Takeshi no Chousenjou”, or to fall in love with the half-naked mecha girl in “The Guardian Legend”. Ah, maybe “falling in love” is going a little too far.

Well, anyway, for me games were the “door into a new world”.

That’s why with my first role as a director on the first “Drag-on Dragoon” game (from here on referred to as DOD1), I decided to “design an experience that we haven’t seen before”.

For example, the last boss. Usually there’s always this fantastically huge monster at the end that screams things like “Mwahaha! I will destroy the world!” or upgrades into a second form for the final stage of battle. It was complete fan service.

I was about 30 then, pretty much an adult. It was from that perspective by which I saw these bosses as nothing more than “fan service”. There was nothing powerful or horrible about them. Imagine a little kid picking a fight with a pro wrestler and in the end the wrestler cries, “Ouch! You win! You win!!” This is no different than with so many final bosses, a sort of hospitable way of giving the gamer something that is neither powerful nor horrible. I don’t know what other people think about it but I was completely fed up with it.

So, I wondered what exactly makes up a “horrible” last boss. If all comfort or promises up until now were taken away, what would be left? That was my initial thought for the ending of DOD1.

Then you have enemies that are neither cool nor anything special suddenly appearing. Without any explanation or clear understanding, you are plunged into a fantasy world, its structure destroyed, and all previously achieved skills and knowledge lost.

I used every trick in the book to incorporate such a last boss even though the development team, from the inside-out, was opposed to it. Just like I had been excited by games in the past, it was now my turn to make people excited through giving the player a truly great challenge. A true test of ability is one of pain. True despair is when an adult gets so frustrated that he throws his controller down in contempt. The intensity of such an experience is the very core of “DOD”.

The direction I took with Nier, the following game after the first DOD, was pretty much the same. From my perspective, I saw the world in various games to only grow more and more boring. If you buy a game, how much can you enjoy it? What sort amusement lies within? What bosses and more can you find? All of these questions begin to open up your imagination. Well, maybe you feel the same? Games that you haven’t got a clue what’s going on have steadily decreased. We are drowning in well-made games that give you a sense of security you’ve felt somewhere before while submerged into a new world. That is why I’ve so completely turned my back on the commonplace and have embraced the idea of “becoming strange”.


In the present day and age in which spoilerish videos are released online shortly after the release of a game, what special experience can we offer to those who purchased the game? The result of such thinking leads way to the “Last Reward”. *

With all the strength of good faith, I have strived to create the abnormal. This was my intention when I made my games. <—please notice the past tense.

This time, when I was approached about DOD3, the majority of the game was already decided; there wasn’t much I could do in terms of the game system. Furthermore, my initial plot was rejected early on, so I was forced to resort to a “normal” story.

Although I shook with the excitement to make something new, I was also stricken with despair. This is what it’s like now for someone who first entered the business 20 years ago. If I may speak bluntly, there is no challenge, no inventions of surprise, places like that—

However, I noticed something for the first time. The rule that I set for myself to “always do something different or strange” is what actually bound and confined me like a curse.

When I look about, I’ve begun to realize that people around me must be thinking, “Yoko’s gonna mess something up ‘again’”. I fell into a sort of “repetition sickness” in which I was so overwhelmed, and despite the distaste of such repetition, I ended up doing it anyway.

That’s how I ended up doing “the same, identical thing as the end of DOD1”. It’s not really new or shocking. I get a really dark, cynical sense of disappointment from not being able to do anything.

However, I believe it’s a suitable answer for someone like me who has continually bared my fangs at the world to create these accursed games. I failed to change the world. And so I decided to conclude “DOD3” in a similar manner with the world falling to pieces.

Since it’s a question of “what intention does one create a game,” it has little to do with the player. It’s not something you can easily pick up while playing nor does knowing have any true merit.

Simply, should there be any meaning given to it, I’d like this to be a message to those young folk who make games today.

Although I’ve been making games for over 20 years, in the end I was not able to change the fundamental existence of games. Even still, I believe that games have great potential for what they can accomplish. I believe they can change someone’s life, bring peace to the world, allow you to kill somebody, and show you what happiness can be.

I just want the next-generation of game developers and designers to be more open to new possibilities and to heartily continue unlocking the potential in games.

Okay then, good-bye. Until we meet again.

The original article was published in the February 13, 2014 (No.1313) issue of Famitsu magazine. Illustrations by Yukiko Yokoo.  Translation by Rekka Alexiel.

Yoko Taro says he’s got a new game in the works!

According to Game Jouhou, it seems as though Yoko Taro is hard at work on a new game idea! There is no further news besides this at this time, however; but man…! Let’s have fun speculating what this might be!!

There will be a Creators Interview in this week’s issue of Famitsu, so stay tuned for any other information, however unlikely, Yoko Taro may drop…!!

Thanks also to Sato from Siliconera for the heads-up on this story! <3
Read his article about it here.

YoRHa on DVD in February!

Thanks to a heads-up by Sakurai Tamaki, I’ve learned that there will be a DVD release of the YoRHa play sometime in February. We will know further details by the end of the year!

I had a feeling there might be a DVD release of the show… The first night I went there was a camera crew set up right to my left. xD I don’t know if they will release both the Earth and Heaven versions of the show, but the first show I went to see was Earth…so maybe that will be the cast on the DVD…?

I was able to find a copy of the ILCA P@pper free magazine in which this announcement was made public. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a two-page interview with Yoko Taro (creator), Matsuda Ichidai (director), and Endo Ruka (No.2). I may attempt a translation of the interview someday, but the most poignant segment of the interview came at the very end where it seemed as though it may be a possibility to see a second run of this play…or even a continuation of the story. <3 I would love to see more of No.2’s story after losing so much (the storyline involving my original character No.34 also fits into this timeframe).

“YoRHa on DVD” announcement in ILCA P@pper Vol.2. Scanned and edited by me.

DOD3 1st Anniversary Contest


The aim of this contest is to offer a fun and creative contest to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the game’s release in Japan on December 19, 2013.

The deadline for entries is December 19 at 9pm (Pacific Time).
Voting is from December 19-26.
Winners will be announced on December 26.

One lucky participant in each category has a chance to win a double-sided DOD3 poster that was available only in an issue of Big GanGan. On top of this random drawing, if I receive a good number of participants, I will also award winners according to the number of likes your entry will receive.

The amount and type of prizes available to this contest will vary according to how many people participate in any given category as follows:

ART CATEGORY – 16 Entries Received
10+ people enter:
1st Place: Mikhail & Zero or Pink/White A2 poster
2nd Place: DOD3 -The Complete Guide-
3rd Place: DOD3 -The First Official Guide-
+ Random Drawing: DOD3 Reversible Poster

5-9 people enter:
1st Place: DOD3 -The Complete Guide-
Runner Up: DOD3 -The First Official Guide-
+ Random Drawing: DOD3 Reversible Poster

3-4 people enter:
Grand Prize: DOD3 -The First Official Guide-
+ Random Drawing: DOD3 Reversible Poster

1-2 people enter:
Grand Prize: DOD3 Reversible Poster
No random drawing.


MUSIC CATEGORY – 3 Entries Received
10+ people enter:
1st Place: Mikhail & Zero or Pink/White A2 poster
2nd Place: DOD3 Official Soundtrack
3rd Place: DOD3 Official Piano Score Book or Onitsuka Chihiro “This Silence is Mine” Single CD
+ Random Drawing: DOD3 Reversible Poster

5-9 people enter:
1st Place: DOD3 Official Soundtrack
Runner Up: DOD3 Official Piano Score Book or Onitsuka Chihiro “This Silence is Mine” Single CD
+ Random Drawing: DOD3 Reversible Poster

3-4 people enter:
Grand Prize: DOD3 Official Piano Score Book or Onitsuka Chihiro “This Silence is Mine” Single CD
+ Random Drawing: DOD3 Reversible Poster

1-2 people enter:
DOD3 Reversible Poster
No random drawing.


VIDEO CATEGORY – 2 Entries Received
10+ people enter:
1st Place: Mikhail & Zero or Pink/White A2 poster
2nd Place: DOD3 -The Complete Guide-
3rd Place: DOD3 -The First Official Guide-

5-9 people enter:
1st Place: DOD3 -The Complete Guide-
Runner Up: DOD3 -The First Official Guide-

3-4 people enter:
Grand Prize: DOD3 -The First Official Guide-

1-2 people enter:
DOD3 Reversible Poster
No random drawing.










Who can participate:

Anyone is welcome to participate regardless of where you live. I would hope that anyone who enjoyed playing the game would participate despite the fact that prizes are involved. Participants may submit only one piece for each category but are ineligible to win multiple items.  Please refer to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for further information on this.


Create anything musically related specifically to DOD3. Sing a song from the series. Compose an original remix. Play something live in a video.

You have the choice of either sending me the audio file through the E-mail address listed above or uploading it to YouTube and sending me the link. Original remixes, compositions, vocal performance, instrumental performance; anything related to music and DOD3 is acceptable as long as YOU created it.

Create a piece of art related specifically to DOD3. Traditional paper/pencil art, CG/Photoshop art, ceramics, cosplay photography; any visual, still image is possible in this category.

Any possible art form is acceptable in this category. Painting, drawing, ceramics, sewing, cosplay, photography, sculpture; anything visually artistic is acceptable as long as it depicts something or someone from DOD3 and is a single, still image.

Entries must deal with DOD3 characters.  You may write in other characters from the previous games such as DOD1, DOD2, and/or Nier, but DOD3 must be the focus.  Artwork with guest characters from other franchises and/or original characters will not be accepted.

Images must be received via E-mail in JPG format, no larger than 1024×786, with a file size no larger than 900KB. The artist reserves complete copyright of their original works, however; final images may be resized and/or cropped to better display on Facebook or the DOD3 Web site.

Create a “fan-vid” to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Japanese release of DOD3. Videos should be at least one minute long. I suggest thinking using one of the two following themes:

—a video to convey a genuine thanks to the creators and developers for making the game.

—a persuasive video showing all the good parts of the game to get other people interested.

I suggest uploading your videos to YouTube yourself and then sending the link to me.

Entrants must include their Full Name, User Handle/Nickname, and E-mail address. Names will be added to a list of participants. Items will be added to the DOD3 1st Anniversary Contest Album on the Facebook page for people to vote on their favorite items in each category. Votes will be tallied and winners announced on Christmas Day.

How to submit your work:
Please submit your work for the ART and MUSIC category via an E-mail attachment to: contest.drakengard3 AT gmail DOT com (Please replace the AT and DOT with the proper punctuation and no spaces!!). Since video files are generally much larger than images and simple .mp3s or .wavs, I suggest uploading your videos to YouTube and sending me the link to the file there as your submission.

* Please note that I will not respond to submissions until a couple days before the deadline. If you do not receive a response from me by that time, please contact me at the other methods listed below.

Please note that only E-mail based submissions will be accepted this time. If you have a problem submitting your entry via E-mail, please send me a private message through Facebook or Tumblr.



All entries will be uploaded to the DOD3 1st Anniversary Contest Album on the Facebook page simultaneously on Friday, December 19.  No personal information will be displayed during the voting process.


NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Odds of winning depend upon the number of eligible entries received during the Contest Period.

**Winning participants pay for shipment of their prize from Japan**

Please understand that winners must pay for EMS shipping of their item from Japan as well as a slight Paypal usage fee. If they are unwilling or unable to pay for these fees, they will forfeit their winnings to the next eligible participant. Like wise, if a participant does not respond within 7 days after the winning notice, it will forfeit their winnings. Payments are can only be accepted via Paypal.

The manager of this contest reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel an entry—winning or not—from any participant at any time for any reason. If participation is extremely low (1-2 entries in a single category), the prize will then fall to the double sided poster.

Should a tie occur, a tie breaker round of extended voting period of the tied entries will commence to determine the winner.

Participants are welcome to submit items for multiple categories, however, only one item will be awarded. A single person is not eligible to win prizes for multiple categories.

Should there be cause to suspect someone is using a Sock Puppet in order to have greater chance to win multiple multiple items, none of the entries will be eligible to win. Please be honest when you submit your entries.

Thank you and get thinking!! Stay tuned to drakengard-3.com, the Facebook page, #dod3-1st-anniversary on Tumblr, or #dod3anniversary on Twitter for further updates!

MANGA: Thou Shalt Not Die, Preview Chapter – Japanese


Thanks to a recent tweet from the master Yoko Taro, I have learned that Big GanGan has just released the preview chapter that you can read online on their site. Please note that these chapters are the original Japanese version.

And also notice the official English title. <3 <3 <3
This is the same as I have been calling it, due to the original English translation of the poem written by Yosano Akiko.

Check out the main “Thou Shalt Not Die” Web site on Big GanGan at the link below! Just click on the image!