Official NieR Twitter Asks: What are your plans to purchase NieR:Automata?

Just recently, the official NieR Twitter account asked fans an interesting question regarding the up-coming release of NieR:Automata:

Everybody, please let us ask a quick question: What are your current plans on purchasing the up-coming “NieR:Automata”?

  1. I plan on buying it when it’s first released.
  2. I plan on buying it shortly after it’s released.
  3. I plan on buying it along with a PS4.
  4. I plan on buying more than one copy.

The poll is now closed. Here’s the final results:

I’m pretty sure we’ll see an English version of this tweet in the coming days, but if you’d like to have your voice heard, please feel free to cast your vote and comment! 😀

Famitsu Issue No.1441


There’s a couple interesting things to point out in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. First off is Famitsu’s Top 30 Ranking:


NieR:Automata has lost a couple spots since last week when it reached its all-time high at 16th place, but it’s still in the top 20, which is great! I hope fans will continue to vote for it even though there are no new articles printed about it.

Next, there were several pages that asked various producers, directors, and other video game creators what they thought about this year’s E3. They were each asked the following four questions:

  1. What was your overall feeling at this year’s E3 after seeing various announcements and further details on games?
  2. Were there any specific titles that caught your attention?
  3. What did you think about the VR exhibition?
  4. After this year’s E3, in which direction do you think the video game industry ought to take in the future?





YoRHa Ver.1.1 Opening Sequence by CO:JIN PROJECT

I’m sure anyone who is familiar with this site knows how much I love my fandoms. That being said, I am still very much human. At times, some things will slip past me… and sometimes nearly half a year will pass before I am clued in on what I’ve missed. orz But, it is these times that I need to rely on the global fanbase to help clue me in on things that might have missed.

Case in point:
The YoRHa Ver.1.1 Opening Sequence on YouTube

Thanks for the heads-up goes to Marcelus Castle Rain.

This was originally uploaded by Sone Hisamitsu from CO:JIN PROJECT who was in charge of recording the footage from the live performance. It’s very difficult to tell from the footage, but I believe this is from one of the performances by the Delta cast.

I’ve also found an interview by NIHK that was uploaded on May 24, 2015 (toward the beginning of the Ver1.1 run) with the lead Alpha cast and director Matsuda Ichidai. A couple times throughout the interview, Matsuda shows a couple clips from his iPad… I’m guessing, he’s actually showing the footage from the opening sequence above.

Here’s a look at the opening sequence from the first run of the play in October 2014 from the official DVD:

Everything about the Ver1.1 version of the play is better! As you can see by comparing the two videos above, you can see how many things have been improved. Here’s just a short list:

  • Camera Angels: No more strange zooms or sequences where only a small portion of the stage can be seen. (It seems as though the Ver1.1 footage is only from the main camera, anyway, so should they have released a DVD of this version, we should have expected to see more close-ups of various characters as well.)
  • Exposition: More exposition is done on the backdrop this time as opposed to actual lines by the actors. No more characters quickly running on stage to spout their lines of exposition before the main number begins. This adds sooo much to the aesthetics and flow of the scene. Sometimes less is more.
  • Venue: It’s clear that the first run was small and the venue was limited in size. Having a slightly larger stage and more resources technically certainly helped to tell this story.
  • Usage of the Backdrop: Many times throughout the Ver1.1 version of the play, the backdrop screen on stage was used to help illustrate the story to the max. Here, in just the opening sequence, you can see how much more of the stage this encompasses. There’s not only the main screen on stage, but also the surrounding frame that lights the boundaries of the stage like a nice picture frame. Also, in the first run of the play, we were never introduced to the NAMES of each character that came out on stage for their little “spotlight” time. In Ver.1.1, their names are clearly displayed on the backdrop. <3

Anyway, with little more to discuss, here is a video I recorded from the DVD of the first run of the play. By comparing the two, you can clearly see how much of an upgrade the play received in Ver.1.1!! <3 How I wish they would release a DVD or Blu-ray of this version!!!

NieR:Automata Breaks into Famitsu’s Top 20!


Guess what? This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine gives us NieR and Drakengard fans something extra to be ecstatic about during the lull after E3…

has risen to…
16th Place!!


Just last week it was in 24th place… and now it has risen 8 places!! Awesome!! It has currently beaten other titles such has Ys VIII, Nioh, Toukiden 2, as well as the new title in the ICO / Shadow of the Colossus series, The Last Guardian! Holy hell, guys!!

Contrats to all of the NieR:Automata team! I certainly look forward to the day when we see it reach…


And Yoko Taro was being his usual humble self regarding my excitement:

It’s rocketing up the list! —Rekka Alexiel
There’s no way it’ll go up any higher…… —Yoko Taro

An Omitted Story From E3

During a little bit of a lull in new information regarding NieR:Automata after the events at E3 and the subsequent magazine articles regarding it, we’re left with just whatever crumbs the development team can feed us through social media. Of course, I am a little getting to this anyway… 😛

Here is just one interesting moment from Yoko Taro’s Twitter on June 22:

Q: What do you usually do to come up with a story?
A: I drink. It’s easier to think when I’m a little tipsy.

Q: What about ideas for the world view?
A: Money. From the budget, we decide how many stages we can make, then we decide the content of the game. Whatever time is left over after that, we’ll think about the story and world view.

NieR:Automata – The Opening Sequence Script and Conte

Back when I was able to snag a ticket for the NieR Music Concert & Talk Live, I knew I wanted to work on some translations for the new “Character Introductions” video. I managed to translate some bits and posted about it here, but I don’t think I ever got around to taking a closer look at the little overlays of the SCRIPTS and animation CONTE that rapidly flashed across the screen until now…!

Many times during the course of the video, the same page of the script would be overlayed on the screen multiple times, but you might be able to see one extra word compared to the first time it was displayed, or maybe the angle had shifted to make the text easier to read.

I took snapshots of these individual frames in the video, enhanced them, and translated the text; so now I believe we have a pretty damn good idea of how NieR:Automata will begin.

** Potential spoilers abound here, so please be warned!! **

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NieR:Automata Breaks Into Famitsu’s Top 30!

Today’s new issue of Famitsu magazine shows that NieR:Automata has shot up in the top 30/40 most anticipated games list!

Typically, they only list the top 30 titles, but they also include an additional 10 more just for fun. NieR:Automata has continually shown up there, alternating between 35-39th place.

But today, probably thanks to the recent 12-page, in-depth look at the game two weeks ago, the game has shot up to 24th place!! Congrats!! I hope the game continues this awesome trend!


And on a completely separate topic, I just realized something potentially important regarding the old cast list that’s still displayed on the official YoRHa website. I translated this back in 2014, but it lists the three vocalists who performed together at the first run of the YoRHa stage play along with three other YoRHa androids:

YoRHa No2: Healer (Re-Assessing)
YoRHa No4: Executer (Seriously Injured)
YoRHa No9: Scanner (Deported)

At the time, I thought that these were the androids involved in the Pearl Harbor mission that’s depicted in the play, but now I’m not so sure, especially since No9 is listed here as a Scanner. Could this be in reference to the Automata squadron?

If so, then why would No2 be listed as a HEALER rather than a BATTLER type? Could this be the reason why her status is “Re-assessing”?

I always thought that No4 from the play didn’t die because it listed her as being “Seriously injured” here…but… now… 🙁 Oh!! Poor No4!!

And… No9 *is* listed as a Scanner type. Could this be the same character that we’ve been introduced to thus far for Automata? If so, why has he been “deported”? lol Maybe he breaks some YoRHa code and 2B has no other choice but to follow suit?