YoRHa – DVD Release Update

Although the announcement in Vol.03 of ILCA P@pper stated that the stage play “YoRHa” would be released on DVD today, February 28, there had been no information about where or how to purchase it until this tweet from Haruna Arai, the young actress who played Term B in the Earth cast:

But, lucky us! The site is now up and you can order the DVD here: yorha.com/dvd.

2 DVD disc set of Earth and Heaven casts, priced at 6,800yen. Comes in a tall DVD case with B5 insert booklet. Orders can only be made within Japan as far as I can tell since payment is only accepted upon arrival (about 1 week).



Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Presents – Active Time Report

Here’s the newest Active Time Report broadcast featuring active gameplay of the TRIAL VERSION of the game. Of course, the video is all in Japanese, but please have a look below to read my various notes that I took while watching it. :3

FF Type-0 HD

—Download version 6,100 yen (plus tax)
—FFXV trial version comes paired with the Type-0 download version for two months only

FFXV: Episode Duscae Start Menu
—New Game
—Load Game
—Debug Menu

Button Explanations

Battle Menu:
—Use Item
—Equip Weapon
—Member Equip

Common Actions:
—Screen Rotation: XBOX ONE—>Right Stick, PS4—>R Stick
—Walk: XBOX ONE—>Left Stick, L Stick
—Run: XBOX ONE—>Left Stick, L Stick
—Jump: XBOX ONE—>B Button, PS4—>X Button
—Dash (Free Run): XBOX ONE—>Left Stick Button, PS4—>L3 Button
You will automatically traverse obstacles while in this mode.

Battle Actions:
—Attack: XBOX ONE—>X Button, PS4—>Square Button
Weapons shown: Blood Sword (Long Sword), Wyvern Spear (Long Spear), Scandentia Hunter (Large Sword), Avenger (Long Sword), Partizan (Long Spear)
Combo Attack: XBOX ONE—>X Button Rapid Fire, PS4—>Square Button Rapid Fire
Shift (Warp): XBOX ONE—>B Button, PS4—>Circle Button
You can warp to specific areas shown with the curser. It will expend some MP, however.
Shift Break: XBOX ONE—>B Button, PS4—>Circle Button
You are able to warp toward locked-on enemies and attack. This will also expend some MP.
Guard: XBOX ONE—>LB Button, PS4—>L1 Button
You can dodge incoming attacks by enemies. This will also expend some MP.
Ability: XBOX ONE—>Y Button, PS4—>Triangle Button

  • You are able to use unique abilities for each individual weapon. Abilities are chosen with the D-pad.
  • Abilities shown: Drain Sword, Jump, Tempest, Heavy Thrust
  • Assault Abilities: Slash, Break, Rush, Raid, Counter
  • When your character uses MP, it will display a light blue effect on the screen.
  • You can recover MP during battle by taking cover behind an obstruction and allowing some time to regain lost MP and HP. You can regain almost the majority of your MP in just a few seconds. HP takes a little bit longer to recover, so it is recommended to use items to recover lost HP. You are also able to locate “safe” locations such as hanging on to part of a large tower to recover MP.
  • When a party member’s HP reaches 0, a first aid icon will appear above their avatar to let you know they need help. You or another party member can rejuvenate their HP a little to allow them to become active in the battle again; however, during this limbo period, should their secondary gauge be reduced to 0 again, they will be out for the count.
  • The same monster can have various sizes.
  • You are able to parry an incoming attack and initiate a counter attack quickly thereafter. This is a little different from a regular “counter” attack.
  • Characters actively talk to one another during battle.
  • Each weapon has a main ability and a support ability. Support Abilities may include things such as faster MP restoration, automatic HP restoration, and enemy defence penetration among others.
  • The battle system feels very much like Xenoblade: how you enter into battle, how characters speak, etc.
  • You are able to change weapons during battle.
  • Enemies you attack have various status effects, one of which is “Weak” when their HP is low.
  • You are able to obtain items from felled enemies, for example “Garula Meat” or a “Small Feather”. You obtain these items by pressing the Triangle Button (PS4). Some items can be used to make meals during the Camp sequence.
  • Goblins only come out at night. They will often cause status ailments and steal your items.
  • The longer you engage in battle, the more enemies may gather against you.
  • When your HP reaches 0, you are able to use a Potion on yourself to restore lost HP. There is a secondary red gauge that is visible under the main HP gauge. It’s game over when both gauges reach 0.
  • There are enemies that appear human but are not.
  • Battles are not exactly seamless: Short results including experience gained, time elapsed, damage inflicted upon enemies, the number of successful parries, and total percentage of bonuses achieved are listed after every battle. There is a brief “dusting of hands” after each battle, but you are able to move while the results are displayed.
  • First enemies: Garula, Queen Garula

Travel Menu:
[Choose Destination]
——Quest Title
—Cancel Area
[View Items]
[Return to Accommodations/Home]

Duscae Area Map

—Chocobo Post-with
—Chronicus Petroleum (Alsto Branch)

Other Various Info

  • When you choose a Quest, you are able to see how far away the target destination is.
  • There are Camp areas where you can pitch a tent to recover HP/MP.
    Rest Location: Mark of Osis
  • Notice that, should you rest, any Sub Quests you may have been engaged in will conclude.
  • During a camp sequence, a party member can use items that you’ve gathered to cook a meal for everyone. Ignis can prepare beef stew. Characters can gain temporary status improvements through different meals. Various improvements include a “Great” status condition (attack power up, longer dash), Concentration (higher critical rate), and Status Resistance.
  • You gain levels during the Camp sequence.
  • After a camp sequence, you will be shown the results of any status upgrades.
  • You are able to return to previously visited campsites but these locations will disappear following next day.
  • Line of sight is quite vast.
  • You cannot dash forever. There is a stamina limit. Once you reach the stamina limit, you simply need to restart the dash to continue.
  • You are informed of an incoming attack by enemies from the red bar that appears at the top of the screen. It eventually gets longer and longer until battle commences. Also, if you come within the range of an enemy and the red bar appears on the screen, you have a little bit of time to corse correct to avoid an undesired battle.
  • You come across items in the overworld field that you can pick up. If an item is nearby, an icon will appear and allow you to choose whether you want to pick it up or not. Many of these items can be sold for money.
  • Target points: During the main story and various quests, there will be an icon that will show you the target (where you need to go) and how far away it is (this is exactly the same as in Xenoblade).
  • Some locations will have a signpost designating its name (Ex. Alstor Slough).
  • You are able to save your progress at both the Camp and at designated Check Points.
  • Generally there is no BGM as you’re walking around, but once you enter a battle, some music will play.

Trial Version

  • You can only enter ankle-deep water, but you will be able to traverse deeper water in the full game (possibly gaining abilities or equipment).
  • You cannot gain status improvements through the Camp function.
  • The trial version will be presented in a lower frame rate than the actual game. This apparently is to give you something to look forward to in the actual release of the game.
  • They are unsure exactly how long the trail version is since the world is so vast and players can choose to follow the main story or go off on various quests. The director pretty much just wants you to play and find out how much of the game you can experience in the trial version for yourself. But the main story is about 3 hours worth of play.
  • Various weather conditions are not available in the trial version but will be in the final release.
  • At the moment, save files from the Trial version of the game ARE NOT compatible with the final version of the game. You cannot level up like crazy in the Trial version and expect to continue to the full version of the game with those stats.
  • The view on the title screen will change with time, from morning to night views. Every day is roughly 30 minutes.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (2/18)

This is a post that I made on Tumblr a couple days ago.

New song downloads for February 18, 2015:

FFV: Warriors of Dawn (BMS)
FFXIV: Nemesis (BMS)
Romancing SaGa: Battle 1 (BMS)
Romancing SaGa 2: Last Battle (BMS)
Live A Live: Megalomania (BMS)
Nier: Song of the Ancients / Devola (FMS)

Source: Game Jouhou | TFF:CC Official Site | Tumblr

4star Orchestra Concerts


4star Orchestra is putting on a 3-day event of all video game music by top composers. I’ve talked a bit about it before, but let me be more detailed on who is coming and what the tentative set list will include. I’ve only got the first two concerts detailed below and I will continue to update this later.

DAY 1 – Icho Hall – Playing Works! Best Vol.01

Nobuo Uematsu (Guest MC)
Michiko Naruke (Guest MC)
Ririko Yamabuki (Vocal)
Daisuke Kaminaga (Shakuhachi)
Mana Okubo (Fiddle)
Hirofumi Nakamura (Guitar)
Toshi Bodhran (Bodhran, Percussion)
Chika Umeda (Harp)
Masumi Noguchi (Uilleann Pipes, Keyboard)


Set List

Nobuo Uematsu’s Works

Final Fantasy
Battle 2 (III)
The Last Battle (III)
The Decisive Battle (VI)
Harvest (V)
Vamo’alla Flamenco (IX)

Final Fantasy Celtic Moon
Welcome to Our Town! (Town Theme)
Troian Beauty (Troia Castle)
Rydia (Rydia’s Theme)

Final Fantasy Dear Friends
My Home, Sweet Home

Final Fantasy Vocal Collections
Esperança Do Amor
Into the Light

Granblue Fantasy
Evergreen Wind

Michiko Naruke’s Works

Wild Arms
Alone in the World
The Night Sky
Only the Night Sky Knows

Nora & the Time Studio: The Witch of the Forest of Fog
The Time Studio
Everyday Way of Life
Fall Asleep Amidst the Grass
a little visitor

Feedback 2nd


DAY 2 – Icho Hall – Playing Works! Best Vol.02

Hiroki Kikuta (Guest MC)
Yasunori Mitsuda (Guest MC)
Haruka Shimotsu (Vocal)
Daisuke Kaminaga (Shakuhachi)
Mizuki Mizutani (Violin)
Tatsuro Ariki (Keyboard)
AKIRA (Bass)
Toshiharu Okajima (Drums)
Susumu Hosoya (Marimba)
Ken Miyamoto (Guitar)


Set List

Hiroki Kikuta’s Works

Seiken Densetsu 2
The Boy Heads for the Wilderness
Distant Thunder
Secret of the Arid Sands
Steel and Snare
Time Enough for Love
One of them is Hope
Meridian Dance
The Penultimate Truth

Yasunori Mitsuda’s Works

Chrono Trigger
Secret of the Forest
Epoch, the Wings of Time
Black Omen
Magus Confronted
Outskirts of Time

Chrono Cross
Radical Dreamers
Reminiscing Uneraseable Memory

Xenogears Arranged Version – CREID

The Azure

Silver Leica


DAY 2 – Olympus Hall – 4star ensuite Orchestra Concert

Noriyuki Iwadare (Composer)
Kumi Tanioka (Piano)
Emi Evans (Vocal)
Masaki Goto (Conductor)
Yuki Kawasaki (MC)
4star ensuite Orchestra
Song Line Up

First Stage

Gate of Steiner
Noisy times
Operation Skuld

Sakamoto Hideki Orchestra Works
Prime #919 (Mugen Kairo)
Kurubeki Sekai
Final Gathering!

Ace Attorney Investigations


Second Stage

Unlimited SaGa
Saga Overture

Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana (drammatica)
Ruined Sparkling City
Colored Earth

Final Fantasy Type-0
What Becomes of Us

Final Fantasy VII
Those Who Fight
Gold Saucer
Interrupted by Fireworks

Nier Gestalt / Replicant
Hills of Radiant Winds
Song of the Ancients

Final Fantasy VIII
Ending Theme

Song from Nier makes it into FF Theatrhythm

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, Downloadable Content

6 New Songs for February 4, 2015 include three Battle and Field themes from the following SQEX titles:

FFIX, SaGa Frontier, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Mana, Nier, and Seiken Densetsu 3.

The song from Nier is Kaine’s theme.

Be sure to visit the following page for more information on the other tracks available in this pack.

Source: Game Jouhou

MANGA: Thou Shalt Not Die, Chapter 2 – English


Apparently, I forgot to make an update on the blog here for the 2nd chapter of Yoko Taro’s manga series, “Thou Shalt Not Die“. I finished and uploaded the chapter on January 27th. Click the image above to read the chapter.

The next chapter will be out on February 25th.