NieR New Project: Dengeki Online Scans

I’ve posted my translations from the most important parts from the Dengeki interview in a previous post, but here are my scans of the actual article in the magazine. I’m very sorry, though; my scanning/editing skills are not that great, so I cannot splice the pages as seamlessly as others with more skill can. You can also view these images in the DOD/NieR Image Gallery here.

dengeki-no593-01_sm dengeki-no593-02_sm


Here’s a little information about the captions:


  • The image that seemingly has a version of the Golden Gate bridge in it is described as the “Submerged CIty”.
  • Under the amusement park photo, it’s described as the “Amusement Park of Silence”.
  • The image of the boy standing atop a tall building is described as simply “A boy looking down upon ruins”.
  • The building that somewhat resembles the town main from the first Nier is described as “The gate within the Sleeping Forest”.

Here are some of my current speculations. Please feel free to skip this:

Ending E, which is told in “The Lost World” novella from Grimoire Nier, tells of a computer system growing and merging with the Forest of Myth. I believe this may be the “Forest Castle” we’ve seen from the article in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine.

Just so that people aren’t confused when you come here, I’ve added a new URL to be directed to this blog. Since we’re shifting into a new world after DOD3, I thought we need to expand beyond it.

Whether you load or, you will see the same blog so you won’t miss out on any new and breaking information.

I’m also thinking about updating the title of the main Facebook page to reflect both the Drakengard and Nier worlds.

But for the time being, I’ve updated the blog to use a NieR2 themed top image, so please don’t be confused if you load and see the Nier image. xD We’re merging both worlds here now. <3

NieR New Project


I’ve been so busy, I have not had the time nor the energy to make an official post here about the recent news at E3 about a new NieR game. I’ve heard and seen people be very shocked at this news, but… I dunno. I sort of felt it coming for a while. Here are a couple things that made me wonder whether or not a new instalment in the series was coming:

  • Theatrhythm – Many songs from NieR appeared in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call.
  • Lord of Vermilion – The cards of Kaine and Emil/No7 were updated for LoV3.
  • YoRHa – Multiple songs from the NieR soundtrack were used in the YoRHa play.

I don’t really know whether or not these are clear indications pointing to a new NieR title, but the fact remains that NieR, although it’s been five years since its release, has been out there, reminding people that it exists.

I’ve just edited the timeline image to include a couple more recent additions to the franchise, including the DOD3 Story Side Novel and possible position of the new Nier title.



So, anyway, about the latest news regarding the title from an article on Dengeki Online.

  • The new game will take place into the future, after Ending D of NieR.

  • Neither Gestalts nor Replicants will make an appearance.

  • Name drops of the previous NieR characters such as Nier, Yonah, and Kaine are likely, but that is all; however, Yoko Taro said that Emil will make an appearance. Likewise, Accord will also make an appearance in name only. He also said that a certain ******* character(s) will appear. Could this be Devola & Popola (DE-VO-LA-&-PO-PO-LA) or maybe even the Red Dragon (RE-D-DO DO-RA-GO-N)? The Dengeki Online interviewer seemed quite shocked by this news and wondered how it could be possible.

  • Yoko Taro stated that those who never played the first NieR can play the new one without a problem; however, he went on to say that it might be more confusing for those who have played the first one. He fears that fans may not see or even accept this new game as a true sequel. The fans might even be pissed by it.

  • Yoko Taro thinks the game has a “happy ending” but this statement startles both the Square Enix producer Saito Yosuke and Platinum Games game designer Taura when he says it. Yoko Taro is notorious for claiming a particular ending is “happy” when the general consensus calls it more tragic and sad than anything else. Saito goes on to say that he can’t see how there could possibly be a happy ending from the scripts he read. Yoko Taro then repeats, “I said it will be a happy ending! You don’t have to look so suspicious!”

  • The Junk Heap will be revisited. It is unclear, however, if it will be the exact same location as in the first title.

  • The concept art seemly does *not* depict Shinjuku but possibly other famous locations around the globe.

  • There appears to be a robot standing within the ruins of an old shopping mall. Besides this, there are many other shots of ruins including something that looks like the Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco and a huge, rundown amusement park.

  • The image depicting a large building deep within a forest is called the “Forest Castle”.

  • The Celestial writing at the end of the trailer reads literally “NINGIOU HITO KIKAI” but ought to be romanized as “NINGYOU HITO KIKAI”, which again literally translates to “DOLL HITO KIKAI”. However, given the usage of the word “ningyou” in the previous games, especially Zero calling Accord a “doll” from the Old World, we can also assume that this is meant to refer to the ANDROIDS.

  • An alternative reading of the Celestial writing in the teaser trailer translates instead to “ANGEL HUMAN ROBOT”. This is hugely curious why the word “ningyou” would be used to refer to the angels… But if you imagine them as mere tools used by the Utautai…and others later on…they only sought after for their power. They could be a very accurate metaphor for marionettes on strings, God’s playthings.

  • Even those who are not very apt toward Action games will be able to complete this game because of the balance between the action and fun moments. Taura says this is the crux of the project.

  • There are many fans of the previous game who work at Platinum Games, so they will be sure to treat it with diligent care. Without getting into details, they feel this new game is very much like a “NieR” title.  The feeling of the previous title is still intact while increasing the enjoyment of the action.

  • Since Yoko Taro is such a huge fan of the shooting genre, there will also be shooting segments in the game. Simply, there won’t be multiple genres shoved into a single game like the last one.

  • There will be a myriad of weapons with Weapon Stories.

  • There will be multiple playable characters that you can switch between. As far as the E3 announcement, it was stated that there will be 3 playable characters.

  • You cannot freely switch between the playable characters until you unlock them through multiple play-throughs. This seems like a call-back to the first Drakengard where more characters became playable after each ending.

  • The parameters for multiple play-throughs is different from previous games.

  • Action sequences will vary between characters even when they use the same weapon. Connecting combos will be quite fluid.

  • Besides the wild boar, there will be other types of vehicles as well.

  • CyDesignation offered to do the design of the game since the president was a huge fan of Nier, not to mention many female fans in the company as well.

  • Somewhere in the game, a rather disappointing but good-looking male character will make an appearance (this was the same way Cent was described in DOD3: “disappointing good-looking guy”).

  • Emi Evans will be back to sing for the game!!

  • There were ideas of making the next NieR game for smartphones or the PS Vita…but they decided to take things seriously–to really do it right–and make a great game for the PS4.

  • The majority of the plot and dialogue has already been decided, and the new game will delve deeper within the “World of Yoko Taro”.

Aside from commenting too much on this latest breaking news, let me first add some other important links that everyone should be aware of by now.

And here are some other interesting quotes that I translated from an article on Dengeki Online:

—Does this game have any connection to the previous games?
Yoko: As far as the story goes, no; but they both essentially share the same world.

—Does the girl in the trailer have any connection to the previous games?
Yoko: Absolutely none.

—What is the meaning of the Celestial Alphabet at the end of the trailer?
Yoko: That’s a secret for now.

There is a ton of other information and things that I want to talk about… but I’ll try to do so sparingly. xD

So, what are your thoughts on this awesome news? Perhaps your reaction was much like the fans in this video?

EDIT: 2015.06.20
The Official TEMP Site just uploaded two extra photos.



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Drakengard 4 Is Already Complete!!


DOD4 Is Already Complete!!


I started working on this many months ago, but it’s finished now. This is the 2 page bit about the fictitious DOD4 that was printed in the DOD 10th Anniversary -World Inside- materials book. It details a bunch of fake story ideas for a nonexistent DOD4. The likewise fake interview regarding it, too, is quite amusing.

Anyone is welcome to use this image and/or information held within it as long as you do not further edit or crop anything out and you cite your source. I’ve already placed it in the main Images Gallery at the links below.

MANGA: Thou Shalt Not Die, Chapter 5 (English)


Thanks for your patience! Here’s Chapter 5 of “Thou Shalt Not Die”! Please click the image to be redirected to the chapter on my site.

A couple days ago, I was finally able to work on the chapter and post it to my site and Batoto, almost a month late. I’m so sorry for the delay! Life and work really kept me away from being able to work on it sooner.

But, finally after I was able to complete it, can you imagine what the first couple posts over at the great Batoto were? Flaming posts. Of course. What is a release without a bitchfest? That’s cool. That’s fine. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. What you’re not entitled to do is throw an bitchy, adolescent fit at the person who gave the free stuff away in the first place. Talk about misplaced aggression!

Here’s the thing: Any scanlation production is illegal unless it’s explicitly sanctioned by the copyright holder and/or publishing house. I have absolutely no permission to do so from anyone. Any of the aforementioned entities have every right to stop me at any time.

That being said, the next poignant issue is the cost it takes for any scanlator to do what they do. Here’s a break-down of the expenses involved:

Chapter 5 = 6 hours of work
Labor rate = $30/hour = $180 (time is money, after all!)
Big GanGan Book Purchase = $6
Monthly Photoshop Subscription = $50
(Translation knowledge = 12+ years Japanese studies = ???)
Subtotal = $236

Current number of views on = 48
$236×48 = $11,328

That is a huge amount that the copyright holder/publisher is out because of an unsanctioned use of their property. What do you, as the reader, pay to read?



Does this give you efficient leverage to incessantly complain about watermark usage, font positioning, word choice, style, character voice, the Boogie Man, Life? Did you even bother to read the forward that discusses the usage of watermarks? Whether you agree or not is besides the point. What purpose does complaining serve other than make you look like a complete whiny bitch? If you don’t like it, you can do it. Simple as that, right? Then you can also be prepared to pay up the initial $236 worth of costs for production. Enjoy that. If you’re not willing to pay, then I’m sure some other scanlator sap will be willing to go to their own expense to give YOU, the reader, free manga to read. Personally, I have no interest in giving you anything for free, which I have already explained many times. Perhaps if you had read the previously stated forwards, you would have known that and saved yourself a lot of time and unnecessary application of aggression.

So, go right ahead and keep on complaining if you enjoy doing so. It makes you look so awesome, after all! I won’t stop you! So, by all means, have at it! But you know what? Nothing will change. I will continue doing what I do, unhindered from the retorts of little children, until I get a cease-and-decist notice from the copyright holder/publishing house.

This is the absolute final response that I will make regarding this nonesense. Why must I waste my time and energy on the people who obviously don’t get it?

It’s time to grow up, people. Just because you cannot see my face, just because you think you have power, just because you are ANON does not give you the right to belittle someone who is only trying to share something special with you—for free. Read it for what it is—as it is—or don’t bother reading at all. It’s that simple. There is no need to slander or belittle the messenger. If you really can’t handle it, then I’m sure someone else will be willing to give you PRISTINE copies of chapters for FREE. Unfortunately, that person will never be me.

Thanks for the time and opportunity to vent.

The DOD Encyclopedia

Up until now I’ve translated many definitions from the Drakengard universe, but the majority of my notes are spread around so much that I can hardly even remember what I’ve translated and what I haven’t. This page will serve as my DOD Encyclopedia.

Should you have any specific questions about anything in the DOD universe, please let me know and I’ll try to look it up in any of the official resource materials. I will continue to add to this list as I fumble through my old notes and/or make some more.

Dragons / ドラゴン
[DOD1] The dragons were once known by the alternative name of “God’s Messengers” and were considered to be the strongest creatures in the sky. Depending on individual intention, the environment, and day-to-day experiences, dragons are able to evolve, increasing their vitality and power. Since the dragons have never once lost a battle for survival, other monsters dare not defy them out of instinctive fear and awe. Besides the species by which the Red Dragon, Black Dragon, and Ancient Dragon belong, there are some subspecies of dragons such as Wyverns among others; however, none of them share the same level of pride. Additionally, the term “Red Dragon” and “Black Dragon” are not labels used by the dragons themselves, but are rather names given to them by humans who needed a way to distinguish between individual dragons. The dragons themselves do not view this naming system as very correct.

[DOD2] In order to secure their survival as an elite class of creatures in the world, the dragons believed they needed to uphold their role in “God’s Plan”. —DOD -World Inside-

God / 神
[DOD1] The one and only absolute Creator of every creature and person. All creatures act based upon the great “will” of God. However, God is unable to control mankind due to “free will” alone. Many people believe that God wants to eliminate humanity because they were “a mistake whose only strength is their ego.” —DOD -World Inside-

God? / 神?
This is the humming, painted with the color of insanity, that flowed from Manah’s mouth as she danced in front of the alter. Layered upon her own voice was the sound of a deep voice filled with apathy; its source unknown. More than likely, it was the voice of God who merely borrowed Manah’s voice. As previously mentioned, this world did not have any particular god that ought to be worshiped by all. Nonetheless, it’s difficult not to say that an entity who created the universe does, in fact, exist. Should such a being be called “God”?

Throughout the entirety of “Drag-on Dragoon”, God makes no personal appearance. That being said, there have been plenty of moments in which God’s hand in the world’s affairs can be seen ever so faintly. A small glimpse of God materializes in the world through such times as when a mysterious voice came out of Manah’s mouth, the time when the strange form of the “enemy” descended upon and destroyed the Empire, or the time when Furiae lost her human form and was transformed into a goddess of destruction.  For the human race, these are the manifestations of nightmares, not a single one depicting a merciful God.

From God’s perspective, the human race was a defective creation. That is why God cast a seal over the world, which should more accurately be called a program for destruction, and created the race of dragons to destroy all of humanity. Moreover, God created the Red Eye Disease that, when infected, it would drive the humans themselves to break the seals, inevitably leading to their destruction by their own hand. Did God hate humanity that much? If so, why didn’t God destroy humanity by his own volition? Certainly, the existence known as “God” should have the power to do so. So then why did he refrain from using this power and instead enlisted others to do his bidding?

It’s a question without an answer. Perhaps someone could appreciate this situation as a test given to humanity. How can we call such an existence “God” when it personally sought the complete annihilation of the human race? —DOD Perfect Guide

The Nameless / 名もなき存在
[DOD2] Before the world had been connected with the “Great Time”, the so-called “Nameless” were the spirits of angels. —DOD -World Inside-

Utautai / ウタウタイ
This is the generic term given to individuals who have the ability to manipulate a power greater than any normal human by merely singing. This power is the product of the Flower, which resides within one’s body. Although Zero, herself, is an Utautai, when she attempts to stop the Flower by killing herself, it activates a reprogramming sequence. Five little girls are born from Zero’s body, each one taking a portion of Zero’s power. As the girls are born, they each take up the names of One, Two, Three, Four, and Five, and thusly retreat. Each of the girls possess their own sense of self, memories, and special abilities as well as speech and behavior. —DOD3 Complete Guide

Utahime / ウタヒメ
This is an honorific title for the Utautai girls. The term was forged when the girls (One, Two, Three, Four, and Five) defeated the Lords of the Land and saved the people from oppression with their amazing power of song. Each of the girls then took responsibility of leading each of the separate lands, Two governed over the Land of Sands, Three: the Land of Forests, Four: the Land of Mountains, and Five: the Land of Seas. As far as the civilians were concerned, they viewed the Utahime girls as an absolute existence worthy of their veneration. They would even go to the extreme of sacrificing their own lives if it meant protecting an Utahime. Even though the girls may share the same power of song, Zero’s singular goal means the death of her sisters, which is how she obtained the title “Utahime (Utautai) Traitor”. —DOD3 Complete Guide

  • Drag-on Dragoon Perfect GuideFamitsu, enter brain, November 6, 2003
  • Drag-on Dragoon World InsideSquare Enix, December 19, 2013
  • Drag-on Dragoon 3 Complete GuideDengeki, Media Works, April 10, 2014



I was lucky to view the concert from the front row, besides the small bunch in the center. <3


To celebrate the 1,000,000th download milemarker of Terra Battle, the new smartphone created by Sakaguchi Hironobu and his team at Mistwalker, the special mini-concert performed by Uematsu Nobuo and his Earthbound Papas band was held last night at the Apple Store in Omotesando, Tokyo.

Attendance to this event was completely free through the Apple Store Omotesando Website. All you had to do was reserve a ticket in advance, although they quickly “sold out”. Strangely enough, reservations became available before the previously announced time, which could be why I was able to get a ticket. I was extremely nervous whether or not my reservation went through because of this.

I arrived on site around 6:00pm, an hour before the concert was said to begin. I think there may have been a little miscommunication about this, though. Typically for any given concert, you will be informed on the time when you can enter the facility (会場 kaijou) and the time when the actual concert will begin (開演 kaien). My memory could be failing me about this, but I don’t think we were ever informed on the entrance time. Then again, it’s taking place in an actual Apple store, so they have to be open for business all day, so… xD

Anyway, those who reserved a ticket were directed to get into a line that stretched to the very back of the store. We only waited there for a couple minutes until meeting with a staff member to check your name with the master list of RSVPs. It was all very high tech, using iPads to enter names and sign in each individual. Very cool and handy!

When I was allowed to enter the reserved area, there was still a lot of open space, and I easily made my way to the front of the area. There was exactly enough space for one person at the very front, stage left. 😀

As I settled in a little bit and managed to take off my jacket without bumping into the people beside me, I could enjoy the pre-concert tuning the band members conducted for at least the first 30 minutes after I arrived to my viewing space. They played many tunes only halfway, but there were at least two tunes that were played all the way through, one of which was Aeris’ Theme from FFVII.

After the sound check had concluded, the boys left the stage via the door stage right, just below the stage. Since this particular Apple store had all but one perimeter wall made out of glass, I noticed a couple of the boys walk outside and down the road for a quick breather. ^^

Anyway, as far as concerts go, the show itself was quite enjoyable with a rather subdued crowd. That’s what’s very interesting about many concerts in Japan–the majority of the crowd will listen quietly to a performance with very minor reactions. The largest movement the people in the crowd ever made was possibly bobbing one’s head in tune to the music. This is very common in Japan. It felt very strained to even “whoooo” during their entrance. xD

Since this was just a mini-concert, they were only able to perform a total of 7 songs. Here’s a brief look at each of the tracks:

1: [テラバトル] Terra Battle / Main Theme
2: [地平線を超えて] Beyond the Horizon / The Maker’s Beckoning
3: [戦いの波形] The Waves of Battle / Braving the Battle
4: [エアリスのテーマ] Aeris’ Theme (FFVII)
5: [剣と槍と弓と] Swords, Spears, and Bows / A Battle of Teamwork
6: [全てを賭けて] Risk it All / The World’s Awakening
7: The Man with the Machine Gun (FFVIII, Laguna’s Battle Theme)

I’m going on memory regarding the YouTube links to the tracks above, so please excuse me if I made any mistakes matching themes to the titles.

Once the concert had officially ended, Sakaguchi Hironobu walked on stage to thank everyone and also announce a very special occurrence of the day–> it was Uematsu-san’s birthday!! Yay! Sakaguchi-san handed him a large bouquet of flowers and Narita-san began playing Happy Birthday on the keyboard… but the crowd wasn’t able to enter into the song very promptly… but I tried to sing as loudly as I could. xD

Then all the boys left the stage area, and the host from the Apple store concluded the concert by asking people to not loiter around the exit. He was very clear in stating that this was THE END of the concert, as sometimes people tend to expect an encore. xD

Many, many people still hung around thereafter, taking photos of the boys cleaning up after the event, but I left rather quickly thereafter.

All-in-all, it was a great concert, and boy, did it go by quickly!! Their next concert will be held in Mexico in April. Safe travels, boys! I look forward to seeing your show again in Japan sometime!! <3


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Famitsu App
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* I took all the photos on this page except for the one on the very top, which was actually taken by Fujioka Chihiro, the percussionist of the band that night, who took the photo after the soundcheck.

The Interviews: Yoko Taro

This is a really cute interview with Yoko Taro at The Interviews Website. A lot of what he says here is really comforting. I’ve had similar worries for quite a while… :/

Here is my translation. <3


Good afternoon, Yoko-san. I’m currently working as a planner for a social networking game. Biologically speaking, I am a woman, so do you think it might be possible to get a hug? (heehee)

I have a question for you. After working in the gaming industry for five, ten years, was there anything that troubled you? Because at this point, I’m really worried about this. Along the way, I wanted to join a consumer-based company, and therefore joined the company I belong to now. (It may be horrible to say, but I joined this company with the thought of gaining knowledge and experience before attempting to get a job at the company I really wanted to work for).

I also thought about what sort of games I wanted to make, but after working my first job for two years and only dealing with things day-by-day, I feel like I’ve fallen into a sort of desperation.

Although this is the industry I wanted to enter and work in, right now I feel like my future and goals are so unstable; everything seems so fuzzy that my future seems pitch black. It’s really rough. How do you cope with these kind of feelings when you think of the future? Please tell us.


Hello, I’m Yoko. Since this seems like a question about worries, it will be a challenge for me to answer this quickly.

First of all, about the first point: “After five, ten years, was there anything that troubled you?” I don’t often think about the long-term, so I don’t really know. As I’ve grown older, I hear people around me talk about things like “I wonder how many more games I can make before I die,” but I don’t really have such a vision.

So, lazy as I am, I’d like to give you four points to think about.

* The first point is “You can do it… maybe.”

I first started out as a CG designer. I wanted to make some really awesome CG! …or so I thought, but technicality and ability-wise, I wasn’t all that great, just going with the flow until I ended up as a game director.

In this sense, when you become an adult there have been many people who thought “This is different than I originally planned”. But, well, it still seems like everyone is happily living their lives. Many choices might pop up that you couldn’t possibly have imagined when you were younger, which can be enjoyed simply as they are.

Even if your future is different from what you imagined it to be, I don’t think it’s “pitch black”.

* Secondly, “your job should be what you want to do”.

I’m the sort of person who cannot do something that I don’t want to do. I was also horrible at studying for exams and filling out the paperwork for tax returns. Even when I became an adult, when I worked “a job that I didn’t want to do”, it was crazy how much my performance fell, and there were many times that I didn’t work at all for a week. No, I should stop that story here.

If you don’t work, you’ll starve and die. Since we can’t have that, you’ll have to do some sort of work. But if it’s not a “job you want to do”, nothing interests you.

Of course, it’s quite obvious that the world is not full of jobs that you might want to do. That’s why I tried so hard to change the “job I didn’t want to do” into a “job I wanted to do”.

I don’t mean to say that you should frantically tell yourself, “This job is so cool cool cool cool cool!” For example, you could incorporate some of the things that you want to do. If you like robots, you should make robots. If you like dark stories, then you should write dark stories. Stuff like that.

Many things have happened, I both succeeded and failed in this effort. My superiors got angry, and I got fired, well, it’s like old-time banjo. Simply to say the least, the process of the challenge for me was an enjoyable time.

A single lifetime is quite long, so we cannot continue breathing with just goals alone. You shouldn’t continue a job that you don’t want to do for a long time. You can either try to change the contents of the job or quit and start something new-—but in any case, it’s probably a good thing to actively try to change something.

* Thirdly, ……We’re only on the third point. Um, let’s see…… Oh, right. The third point is: “You are the protagonist.”

When you’re young, it may seem like the right path in life includes “going to a good school” and “joining a good company”, but this is merely the well-beaten path that some old people told us about.

Of course, that path may be the safest route to choose, but there are countless other paths you could take. If you’re suffering from not being able to see your future, then you need to find the right place where you can. You could change jobs, maybe your current job could improve, you could start your own business, or maybe you could get married and start a family.

Which path you take or what goal you arrive at is not important. It’s not about finding the correct path in this world but rather to set forth along your own path. If you fail, you can always go back and choose a different path. We only live about 80 years anyway. If you think there’s time to worry, then don’t you think it would be efficient to try out various other things?

And if that doesn’t work, then maybe it’s better to go out to a bar late at night, have a drink, eat some rice and ramen, and then try to fix things the following day. Maybe.

* Oh, shoot. I guess you tend to get long-winded the older you get.

This is the last point.

The fourth point I’d like to tell you is: “If you are a woman, then it’s OK to have a hug anytime.”


Source: The Interviews