YoRHa: Normandy / Guadalcanal CD Complete

I’ve written and translated the majority of this material last year, but somehow left out a few pages. Here’s a more complete look at the CD and booklet.


Cover – Right to Left: No12, No13, No11


CD face with “Normandy” and “Guadalcanal” written on it. A map of the Battle of Tarawa is also depicted here.


The Battle of Tarawa


11,939AD –  Outbreak of the 14th Machine War

In the distant future when the world is conquered by Living Machines. As the remaining humans fled to a space station in Earth’s orbit, they were unable to deal the decisive blow to the Living Machines which found a way to fortify their propagation. The humans descended from orbit with a fleet of ships, firing all of their torpedoes and bombs, but all attempts to destroy the machines were ineffective. Although a few friendly forces arrived on the surface of the Earth, they were completely annihilated before the overwhelming enemy forces. As their ice-cold enemies approached, the entire human race was forced to stand on the precipice of extinction.

YoRHa No13 – Sakurai Tamaki  (櫻井珠希) TwitterDearStage
Classification:  Attacker  (攻撃)
HP:  490
MP:  17
Range:  Short Range

Skill:  Dandelion  蒲公英(タンポポ)
This skill is unlocked when the unit’s HP is reduced to 33%.  Attack power is increased by three for a short period of time.  The window of availability for this skill is three minutes. Once this time is up, the unit’s defence is decreased by a third.

Status:  Deployed



The remaining humans that escaped the onslaught brought on by the Living Machines eventually moved to the surface of the Moon.

The automated androids “YoRHa” were constructed to combat the Living Machines and take back the planet. 

Although the human side viewed this battalion as little more than an autopilot system, the androids possessed an advanced ability to “adapt” and “learn”. The YoRHa androids are capable of sharing memories between other units, one of their most useful abilities. The logs from previous missions can be installed into later units as valuable upgrades to help them adapt to future missions.

All YoRHa units were stationed as backups on the “Station 4” base station constructed in Earth orbit.

YoRHa No11 – Aino Eri (愛野えり) TwitterDearStage
Classification:  Defender (防御)
HP:  259
MP:  248
Range:  Short Distance

Skill:  Weeping Forsythia  連翹(レンギョウ)
For a short period, the unit’s hair grows long enough to enshroud its whole body and increase defence power by 120%.  Enemies within close proximity may also be stunned and unable to move.

Status:  Deployed

[The Battle of Guadalcanal] – Lyrics and English Translation

11942, August 7 – 4:00am – The Marines – 1st Marine Division
A mechanized squadron of 10,900 machine units landed near the east banks of the Tenaru River. After neutralizing the small base stationed there, they quickly took control of the surrounding eastern Solomon sea. Objective: Destroy the three YoRHa units.


[Normandy Descent Mission]

June 6, 11944. The Human side initiated a blitzkrieg that was dispatched from the orbital outpost and touched down on what was once known as the Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy, France.

The operation consisted of 4,500 units. The potential number of units lost in the mission was estimated at 85%. The preliminary bomb squad was completely wiped out during the descent. The 6th British Airborne Division, the 82nd American Airborne Division, and the 101st American Airborne Division were successful in infiltrating enemy territory; however, due to the annihilation of the supporting battalion, the mission ended in failure. The YoRHa units touched down at Omaha Beach. With the chain of command disrupted in 10 minutes after engaging the enemy, all communication with the units was lost.

Aside: This mission takes place *after* the YoRHa Stage Play.

[The Battle of Normandy]Lyrics and English Translation

YoRHa No12  – Ichikura Yuna (市倉有菜) – TwitterDearStage
Classification:  Sniper (狙撃)
HP:  130
MP:  377
Range:  Long Distance

Skill:  October Cherry 十月桜(ジュウガツサクラ)
When ammunition has been depleted to 23%, the unit will commence with a course correction in which its hit rate will increase from 75% to 94%.

Status:  Deployed

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Historical Allusions:

The Tarawa Atoll in the Central Pacific was one of many battles during World War II. This particular atoll was occupied by Japanese forces during this period.

I’m not exactly sure how this particular battle fits into the whole thing, but it’s very clear that it’s one of many battles that involved Japanese forces as the main aggressor.

Guadalcanal Campaign or the Battle of Guadalcanal
—Code-named Witchtower: August 7, 1942-February 9, 1943
—11942, August 7: an allusion to the Battle of Savo Island, also known as the First Battle of the Solomon Sea in Japanese.

Battle of Tarawa
—November 20-23, 1943

Normandy Campaign or the Battle of Normandy
―Operation Overlord: June 6, 1944-August 25, 1944
―Operation Cobra: July 25, 1944