Kuroi Hana: An Interpreted Translation

I was asked to translate the lyrics from “Kuroi Uta”, but since lyricist Kikuchi Hana also wrote this in complete katakana, it’s very difficult to make an exact translation. There are a few reasons why I am okay with this:

1) Like poetry, song lyrics need not be completely coherent and they can break from traditional norms of grammar.

2) Simply by using all katakana like this conveys a sense of an old language, or perhaps even the language of gods.

3) Somethings are not meant to be fully understood, but rather felt or experienced. It is what it is and holds no room for explanation. There is a sense of beauty in ambiguity.

So with that said, please note that this is my personal interpretation from the bits that can be understood from the lyrics on the page. There is no official English translation, so it is illogical to claim one interpretation is THE correct meaning; that’s the whole point of interpretation–it cannot be wrong but simply viewed differently from another perspective. In that case, all interpretations are viable.

Therefore, here is my interpretation of the song:

Everything exposed
The song shall meet its doom
Becoming and killing the monster

All stolen away
The music as needles
As I’m reborn again, alone

Spreading my wings I soar with death
Love shall spring from the darkest of white
When or how distantly may it be heard
How sweetly they whisper, the wings of the past

The black flower
Is the voice
With just its shattered eye

The black flower
Is the song
With just its made-up dance
There be purpose
Everything exposed
The song shall freeze over
I shall dance in nightmares that day

With nothing I break away from death
Emerging from a crimson forest
Pregnant with the tainted children of dread
This pitiful memory is ripped away

The black flower
Is the voice
With just its prayer of blood

The black flower
Is the song
With just a day of repentance
All shall disappear

This disaster
Shall wait and fall
For the time it shatters, to dream

As this repeats
We go our separate ways
You shan’t be forgiven, flower of song,
In the final moment

Japanese Kana

アタラセ リ
ハメツアウ タ
ケモノト ナリ トキリ

ウバイサ ル
ハリノシラ ベ
リンネノ ヒト タリ

シト ハバタツアミ
コイ クライシロカラ
イツ オア トオク キコエ
アマイ キロクバネ ササメク

コワレタメノ アル ママ

ツクリマイツ アル ママ

アタラセ リ
コオリアウ タ
アクムナ マウ ヒヲ

ムト タチキルシガ
イク アカイモリカラ
イム ベク ケガレ ハラム
ヨワイ アノオモイ ハガレル

イノリノチガ アル ママ

ザンゲノヒガ アル ママ

コワレタトキ ヒト ユメ

ユルサレザル オト ハナ



atarase ri
hametsuau ta
kemonoto nari tokiri

ubaisa ru
harinoshira be
rinneno hito tari

shito habatatsuami
koi kuraishirokara
itsu oa tooku kikoe
amai kirokubane sasameku

kowaretameno aru mama

tsukurimaitsu aru mama

atarase ri
kooriau ta
akumuna mau hio

muto tachikirushiga
iku akaimorikara
imu beku kegare haramu
yowai anoomoi hagareru

inorinochiga aru mama

zangenohiga aru mama

kowaretatoki hito yume

yurusarezaru oto hana

  • h_natasia

    Thank you, did you do the translations literally? I saw some matches with the Japanese lyrics even though my Japanese is not THAT good.

    • Well, it wouldn’t be a translation if it wasn’t based on the original lyrics. ^^ It is an interpretation because many of the lines are unclear to me and therefore I have to extrapolate and imagine what it wants to say. Many times I like to choose proper words to keep the same beats per line, but I think I got bored half-way through and may have abandoned that idea. lol It’s fun. <3