Zero’s Chapter

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Well, here it is guys!  The final Utahime Story DLC!  This time, the DLC was available even before noon!  Wow!  Thanks for the prompt upload, SQEX!


The setting for Zero’s story takes place on April 21, 1000, where she is telling Dito and Decad how she first met Michael.

Here’s the list of Zero’s chapter titles:

Verse 1 – March 11, 998

  • Stanza 1:  The Real Utahime
  • Stanza 2:  The Way Toward Death

Verse 2 – March 12, 998

  • Stanza 1:  The Apostles
  • Stanza 2: The Flower and the Dragon
  • Stanza 3:  The Promise
  • Stanza 4: Loss

Verse 3 – March 12, 998 (?)

  • Stanza 1:  Trial of Might
  • Stanza 2:  Trial of Might, Continued

Verse 4 – Two Months Later… (May 12, 998-ish)

  • Stanza 1:  In the Name of the Trial of Might
  • Stanza 2:  The Last Trial of Might
  • Stanza 3:  A Warning

* Omake: Here’s my initial run through Verse 2… but it froze towards the end. You can hear my shocked cries of disbelief!  I only uploaded this because it was the first time I had to physically reset the game. Ever! Oh, boy…

Once you complete Zero’s chapter, you obtain her “Clothes from a Year Ago” costume, which lengthens her Utautai Mode when worn.  This costume also shows Zero’s real arm still intact!


Zero’s Utautai Memories: “Mikhail’s Journal”  –  SIGNIFICANT SPOILERS!!

【 land of animals 】
January 12 – sunny

Today I went to the “animal country”. I met so many animals; like a really big cat with fuzzy fur, an elephant with cute little nose, a horse with a long neck, and even a horse with stripes! We played together in the mud and played tag. It was a lot of fun, but the sun was so hot. It was really rough.

【 Land of fish 】
February 17 – rainy

It’s been a week since I came to this island. There are a ton of fish in the sea around here: pretty little fish, fish that are bigger than me, flat fish, fish with wings, and even fish with hands! There are so many that I’ve never seen before. Oh! And my favorite: mackerel!

Anyway, I wonder how I can get to the other islands. It’s been raining and raining–so much rain that water is everywhere you look.

【 Land of song 】
April 19 – cloudy

It’s been a long time since I’ve come across any humans. The people here love songs so much; they sing all day long. They still sing with happy faces even in these difficult times. I couldn’t help but be drawn in and sing along with them.

But I remember Zero when I sing. I’m not very good at remembering things, but I will never forget her, maybe because she was always yelling at me… When I think about how nice it would have been to sing with her, I can’t hold back the tears. I miss you so much, Zero.

【 The Land of Machines 】
May 1 – Clear

The population of humans has grown tremendously these days. That’s why their homes have spread out all over the world. They destroy the forests, mountains, and the oceans to put up their buildings. They manipulate boxes and dolls made of iron.

So many animals have lost a place to live that it’s a huge problem, but, hmm… I think the “right” way would be to have someone to decide where everyone should live.

That’s all I can think about.

【 The Land of War 】
July 1 – Rain

According to the little girl who was kind enough to give me some food this morning, this country has constantly been at war. They kill each other from 10 in the morning until 8 at night, sleep from 8 at night until 10 in the morning, and repeat the whole thing again from 10 in the morning the next day… This has been going on for decades.

Tonight. I took some mackerel to the girl’s house as thanks for the food she gave me. But she was torn apart by a bomb and died. Why couldn’t I save her? Did I do something wrong?

【 The Land of the Future 】
September 30 – Cloudy with Scattered Showers

Again I’ve only seen the mechanical children today. Even though humans used populate every corner of the world, their numbers have dwindled so drastically now that their existence has become so precious―it’s impossible to find them unless you look carefully.

Yesterday, the sky in the east flashed brightly and the ground shook. It was probably another explosion. Contaminated ash fell to the ground and ocean; it’s no wonder so much life has died away. It’s sad to say it, but this is a common occurrence. And once again I go to sleep knowing I could do nothing to prevent it.

【 The Land of Humans 】
November 4 – Cloudy with Scattered Snow Showers

This was the first time I come across a human settlement in a long time. Only about 100 people make up this small village, but they are a hard-working bunch of people that are doing their best to survive. I don’t know why, but they started calling me “The Protector” when they see me outside the village. Now they come to me everyday to tell me their troubles.

And I think it helps them―perhaps a little fun―to have someone to talk to. I completely know how that feels. Because I used to love chatting with Zero, oh, so long ago. I’ve come to believe that no one in this world is ever truly alone.

【 The Land of Darkness 】
December 28 – Blizzard

My failures have continued for a long, long time. But I will not give up. This world is full of injustice, yet I will not give in.

I’m not like Zero. I don’t believe the world can be changed by destroying things or getting angry, but if this world can improve, no matter how insignificantly, then I must do whatever I can to help.

I will never give up. After all, Zero never did, either.

【 The Land of Light 】
January 21 – fire

I’ve pretty well fallen to pieces. I feel like there are many empty holes in my memory, but there’s no need to fight it……anymore.

Hey, Zero.
I wonder, did I do a good job? would you praise me?
or maybe you      ’d just hit me furious      ly?

Ze      ro. I’ll      see you      soon.      I’ll      see      y           o                u

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2 thoughts on “Zero’s Chapter

  1. Aww, they couldn’t even make the fourth ending happy in the long run. That’s just mean. And why did Natori have to link up the games like that in the timeline. Yoko and co repeatedly stated that Nier was in an alternate timeline not linked to the main Drakengard universe.

    Tell me, Rekka, what do you think of the new timeline? Will it remain official, if anything is official in this series? Or will it be discarded later? And what do you think the chances are of a new game being created based on Drakengard 3’s second ending (the most open-ended)?

  2. Has there ever been a happy ending in DOD/Nier, though? I’d much rather have these endings than a cartoonish “YAY! We did it!” moment. That’s been done far too many times. Sure, it would be nice to see these character that we’ve come to care for find some peace in their lives with a happy ending, but really… Ending D *was* a happy ending for the given circumstances. Just imagine what would have happened if Zero wasn’t able to fulfil her mission in time… Now *that* would have been the most tragic ending of them all, maybe even worse than Ending C.

    And I’m not sure who you’re referring to with “Natori”. As far as connecting timelines and how everything fits together… well, anything and everything can happen–all in different universes. This is where the difference between timelines and universes gets confusing. Ever watch Fringe? They use definitions on both very well. For the most part, we’re dealing with different timelines within the DOD stories. Everything that happens, happens in the same universe, just on different timelines; events in history changing the future. But if something had occurred in one of the timelines that caused a jump between universes, it could be catastrophic to both worlds. This other idea of different universes, then, is different because they are both separate universes from the beginning of time. The same planet and same people can exist in the different universes, but there’s more involved with simply choosing to to left instead of right. I think this may have been the case with Caim & Angel somehow crossing into a different universe which eventually caused Nier to happen. This is just my idea; maybe other people see it differently…but it’s impossible for a Fringe-fanatic like me not to see the similarities. xD

    I don’t know if there is a single timeline that is official in this series. If you mean official as to which timeline connects to each subsequent game, then I really couldn’t tell you. I think they’re all plausible and “official”. Essentially, this is the most open-ended franchise of games that I’ve ever come across. They are not bound by “what happened last time” with this unique construct of time and space. I really like to watch as things unfold in the manga after the A Ending. :3

    As for the story to continue in a new game that takes place after the B Ending, I really don’t see that happening. The Flower still exists and people are still bound by a time limit to destroy it… Then again, *contracts* exist in that timeline… so maybe this is the timeline that closely links to DOD1 perhaps? In any other timeline, contracts still do not exist between dragons and humans… which is what the new novel Drakengard 1.3 is going to talk about–how Caim & Angel’s relationship will change in a world without contracts. Hmmm…

    Thanks for your post! I love thinking of the possibilities! 😀

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