Fire Sanctuary & Rekka Alexiel FAQ

This is where I will put the answers to frequently asked questions so I don’t have to answer them for the billionth time and waste time doing other productive things. Please excuse my chronic cynicism.

As always, if you have a question, please LOOK before you ask. The answer is usually right in front of your face. orz

FAQ – Regarding My Work

1.1  Where are chapters 2-5 of Utahime Five and 1-5 of Shi ni Itaru Aka? I can’t find them on your site. When will you put them up?

Chapters 1 through 5 plus the prologue of Utahime Five and Chapters 1-5 of Shi ni Itaru Aka have already been translated by other groups, therefore, I will not work on these chapters. If I accidentally worked on a chapter also done by another group, this was due to oversight. I have already included links to where you can read these chapters, so I’d appreciate it if you take a closer look on the Image Gallery before you ask me where to find them.

I have noticed on some manga Web sites that this series has been licensed, however, I have received word that this is false. I will continue to host my scanlation of these chapters until I am contacted by the rightful copyright holder to cease distribution.

1.2 A new chapter of [Insert manga title here] was released a week ago. Why haven’t you posted the English version yet? Update please.

I am but one person. Any of the scanlations you can find on my site have been purchased, scanned, edited, translated, type set, and uploaded by me. I have a full time teaching job that often includes work on the weekend and during other normal “break” times (Summer School). I also have a life AFK. The Summer/Christmas season is a busy time for my real life with friends, concerts, and other events that take place outside of my house. I try to be quick with new releases, but since this is not my first job nor am I getting paid for my work, it will unfortunately take second or even third place to my real life.

—> New chapters will get done when I have the time and energy to work on it.
—> Please *do not* ask when there will be a new English release. It will happen when it happens.

2.  I want to translate the manga into my language. Can you supply me with the raw pages to do this?

I’m very sorry but no.  I will not supply raws.  I have personally purchased the magazines in which the manga is published in order to do this.  I would hope that others who want to translate it will do the same.  When at all possible, please support the creators by first purchasing the material.

This is also a major reason why I generally watermark my work. It’s not simply to advertise my page; it’s more about protecting the creators wherever possible. If you want clean copies of the chapters, I suggest purchasing it, just like I did.

3.1  Oh, cool! She’s put up more images of characters I can look cool by adding them to the Drakengard Wiki! Yay!! *click* *save as* There, now all I have to do is crop out the watermark…

THIS IS STEALING!  Please do not click and save my images with the intention to alter them for use on another Web site.  This includes cropping, editing out watermarks, or whatever.  I am a nice person when I am given the appropriate courtesy.  If you ask to use whatever images I will more than likely say YES, given that you do not EDIT or CROP OUT my watermark, and give me the appropriate credit for making them.

If anyone is curious exactly how much time goes into scanning, translating, and editing images like I do, I recorded a very lame video of me working on a SINGLE page. As you can see from the video length, it takes about 40 minutes. 40 minutes for one page! Granted, there was a great deal of text on the page with vocabulary I was not sure of, but still… Times that by the usual 20-30+ pages and you’ve got anywhere between 6-12 hours working on one chapter. I am a solo producer, so I have no one to pass off the work to. So, please respect me by ASKING before you TAKE!!

Again, you are welcome to agree or disagree with this standpoint, but I would genuinely hope that others respect my wishes and respect me enough to do as I ask regarding this issue.

3.2  And sweet! She’s also posted English translations for novels, various song lyrics, and more! I’ll just copy and paste these into my YouTube video!

Um, this is also a form of copyright infringement. Some may find this to be the best compliment a translator could receive–having one’s own work be used elsewhere–but I’m old school. I am very happy anyone may find a liking to anything that I’ve worked on, but I also believe that proper citations must be stated if you take someone else’s work. And yes, this includes translations.

And for goodness sake, please do not claim someone else’s work to be your own!! That is plagiarism. It’s amazing that some people think that this is an okay thing to do–to completely copy and paste someone else’s work and say that they did the hard work to create it. Is it really that difficult to cite the proper source?!

My standpoint on these issues is not secret. You are welcome to think or believe what you may, but I can be quite strict when I feel someone has–whether it’s intentional or not–taken something that I worked on and used without a source or claimed as their own. This sort of practice needs to stop. I whole-heartedly hope you can understand my feelings on this issue.

I’ve added this point on May 3rd, 2015 due to a certain YouTube user who refused to admit that they copied and pasted the original translation I had made to the DOD3 image song, “This Silence is Mine” by Onitsuka Chihiro. It mostly bothered me because it was the *first* edit of the translation that I did so there were several mistakes that I later corrected as you can see here. Even though I produced proof that I had made the translation, the user continued to play dumb and dodge the issue… so I filed a claim through YouTube. They apparently upheld my claim and had the entire video removed, even though I only had a beef with the written description. I feel sorry about that, but perhaps this will be a slight lesson for people to understand that proper citations are important.

3.3  You’re the only one who has translated this, so I want to copy and paste your work into the Wiki so it’s easier to find.

I appreciate that you took the time to ask for permission to do this, but I would still have to decline. The translations that I do have been done out of the love of the subject, but it is also my own creative work. I would rather not have the community at large edit and change my work on a whim. I personally don’t see how it’s that difficult to merely post a link to my page here, where I have complete control over my work and can continue to add to it if need be.

Just to be absolutely clear, here are some links to important information regarding copyrights and what constitutes as plagiarism

4.  If I ask to use your images, can I use them however I like, without citing where the image came from?

No. But thank you for first asking. If you ask to use my images and I agree, you still have to CITE YOUR SOURCE. This is no different than citing a resource in a research paper. You haven’t forgotten about bibliography pages and works cited pages, have you? If you have, let me remind you:  You may not take and use another’s work without giving proper citations.

If you were working on a paper, you would have to cite the author’s name, the title of the book, the pages you used, and the date(s) published.

If you use a Web site, you have to do the same. Here’s what is necessary for citing an online source for your paper:

Author or editor (if available), article name in quotes (if available), title of the Web site, any version numbers available, publisher information including name and date, any page numbers (if available), medium of publication, date you accessed the material, and finally the URL.

This is much more in depth than I require.  All you have to do is cite my name and Web site as shown below:

Rekka Alexiel
Fire Sanctuary

MLA Format for Research Papers
Citing Web Sites

5.1  I’d like to help you however I can! I can edit raw scans of the manga to help you with the work load.

This is very kind of you to offer your assistance, but I like to work alone. I could probably get a lot more work done in a short amount of time if I had other people helping me out, but this is a project that I took on by my own volition. I want to see it out to the end. This also gives me a chance to learn by doing. I’m not the best translator or photo editor, but I’ve learned a lot through this process, and that’s what I love. Please understand that I will not–cannot–accept any outside help.

If you really want to do something to help me, you can donate to my Paypal account at this E-mail address. If you like the material I’ve been able to put out or enjoy discussing with other fans through my Web site or on Facebook, I would greatly appreciate any support you could give me financially, especially since EVERYTHING comes out of my own pocket.

5.2 I’m a huge fan of insert mangaka’s name here ] and have worked on other series they’ve done in the past. I’d love to help out with cleaning up images, typesetting, etc. since I love this mangaka. Please take a look at this sample of my work!!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and genuine love for the work of the illustrator. We are all fans here, so I really appreciate the initiative to contact me to get involved in these series. However, my answer remains the same as above. I would like to retain a certain level of control over my work so that I can remove it quickly if/when the series receives an official English localization. This is not a decision made to boost one’s ego, but rather out of respect of the creators. Whatever I do is just to help other fans get a brief, general idea of what they’re missing out on when things are only released in Japanese.

I sincerely appreciate the thought and desire to work with me on a certain project, but I must unfortunately decline. I wish you the best in your future projects!! <3

6. Dear god, the quality of these scans suck. And the text! Do you even speak English!?

Thank you very much. I am very confident that many people can do better than I.

I understand that many manga enthusiasts may have a certain standard of what to expect from scanlations; however, I have little interest to follow the mold. I do what I can and that is all. Perhaps if I had more time, energy, and money, I could put forth higher quality of productions, but it is simply impossible with my work and real life.

This is when people often suggest working with a team. The thought has crossed my mind, but again, this is a labor of love for me. Even if I cannot do things perfectly, I still love doing this. I learn a lot through its production, and it is genuinely fun for me to do. Plus, I feel like if edits are done so professionally, there is no need to purchase the source material.

As far as the text goes, I certainly hope I understand English since it is my first language, plus I have a degree in Creative Writing. Although my forte may be in storytelling, I am by far the best speller. I tend to do my translations on the fly in Photoshop, which the older versions did not include a spell check function. I now have a new version and regularly check my bad spelling, but goofs still might sneak out. I generally have a preliminary release of the chapters and allow fans to read them on my site first to help finding mistakes or other oddities that escaped me. Once this stage is finished, I will only upload chapters to Batoto. Should any other changes occur, I can only make updates to the images on my site. I’m not able to change anything on Batoto or any other manga site that nabs the pages thereafter.

Anyway, the one thing I’d like to tell people who are not satisfied with my work is that I am very sorry that I am unable to match your high standards. You cannot satisfy everyone. I can’t help but think that these people would be better served by doing all the work themselves if they’re not satisfied before complaining about another’s hard work.

7. Why do you put watermarks on all of your manga pages?! It’s annoying and you should be shot in the foot for doing this! Screw you!

Thanks for your input. Please allow me to explain my way of thinking on this issue.

People are going to believe whatever they want, but I will say it here that I have fought with the ethics of scanlations as a whole—technically, any and all scanlations that are not sanctioned by the copyright holder is illegal. This hits me very hard because I don’t want to do anything that might hurt the sales or the overall integrity of the manga. This is my main reason for watermarking my pages. If you’d like clean, unwatermarked scans, I suggest purchasing individual chapters as they’re published yourself.

My goal is not to provide you with free manga but rather to introduce you to these works with the hope that you will purchase the magazines, comics, whatever in the end.

This is not me being a bitch nor a majestic White Knight. This is purely my personal standards, which you are perfectly free to agree or disagree with; however I reserve the right to think and believe what will. For more information on this topic, please read here.

I have since removed the majority of my watermarks and offer pages at a higher resolution than usual.

8.  Since you live in Japan, can you help me get some DOD related goodies? 

Yes. I used to have a shop set up on the site, but I’ve turned it off for now since no one was using it or it wasn’t working well enough to actually send me notices of an order…? Not sure. But if you’re looking for items, please message me. I still have many books and such in stock, so I may already have what you’re looking for.

I can only receive payments via Paypal. I will not accept any other forms of payment. I must receive your payment before purchasing your item (if it is out of stock) and/or shipping your item. I will not accept cancellations for any reason. Please be sure of the item and price of your item before going through the check out. All orders will incur a slight Paypal usage fee.

9. I’m looking for some hard to find DOD collector’s items that are pretty expensive. Can you help me out?

Sorry, but no. As you said, these items are really hard to find and usually cost hundreds of dollars. I don’t have the extra time to do the hunting nor the energy to get a ton of cash from you in order to pay for these items. It’s simply too much of a headache for me to deal with in the little free time that I have.

If you’re really interested in getting these items, you may have luck looking on Yahoo Auctions Japan, however most sellers will not ship overseas, and therefore, you will need a deputy service. There are many deputy services out there you could research. A couple that I know of are Rinkya and SMJ. Also, Amazon Japan is a good place to find both new and used items, however, you must know Japanese to use it.  Check them out!

10. Oh, I’m also a huge One Piece fan, can you help me get those items, too!?

No, sorry. I am not a deputy service. If you’re looking to purchase other non-DOD or Nier related items, I would suggest using the deputy services listed above.

11. I’d really love to know what the Japanese on the Final Fantasy page says. I tried to use free online translation, but I still don’t understand it. Can you translate this for me, please?

I’m very sorry, but no. I am not made of time, and any such requests like this outside of my area of focus ought to require a certain payment as with providing any other service. If you’re willing to pay me for my work, then perhaps we can work something out. Otherwise, I can’t help you.

12. I’m just a fan and would like to ask some longer questions. Where can I send you E-mail?

If you’d like to talk to not only me but also engage in some conversation with other fans, I suggest going over to the message board. You can sign up and start your own topics there. If you need to get in touch with me privately, you may contact me here.


FAQ – About Rekka Alexiel

1. How did you get into Drakengard?

I didn’t get into the series until I moved to Japan in 2005. I saw a commercial for Drakengard 2 with Nakashima MIka’s song “Hitori” and was quickly interested in it. I really enjoyed the game, knowing nothing of the original. I wasn’t hooked on the talent of the creators until NieR, however. This was, of course, the Japanese PS3 release of NieR Replicant. It was so unlike anything I had played before, in both style and design. The music, story, and characters were instant favs for me.

Because of NieR, I was equally excited when Drakengard 3 was announced with pretty much the same people behind its development. As far as story and the music goes, I couldn’t have been more happy… but in terms of gameplay? Yeah… I don’t get much enjoyment out of it any more, unfortunately.

And now that we have news of a NieR sequel…!! I couldn’t be more excited, probably more than I even was for DOD3. Whoo!


Various Info About Rekka Alexiel

  • I’m 5′4″, 50kg.
  • I have hazel eyes (mostly green with brown/orange fire in the center near my pupils). I usually say I have hazel or green eyes.
  • I studied in Nagoya for a year in college from 2001-2002.
  • I moved to Japan for work in 2005.
  • I lived in Nagoya from 2001-2002, and again after college from 2005-2011.
  • I moved to Yokohama in 2011.
  • After college and moving to Japan, I’ve been teaching English to a variety of ages. I’ve taught every age range, from babies to the elderly.
  • Honestly speaking, I find little joy in teaching and it’s much more of a headache than it ought to be, but it allows me to live in Japan, where I can indulge in a multitude of my hobbies.
  • I am the happiest when I sing. I love going to karaoke and my friends are trying to get me to join a band and perform.
  • I have never actually done cosplay, but I’m going to try something for this year’s TGS. I’m hoping I can get stuff together to make a decent “girl in black” from the new NieR title.
  • I love animation artwork. I started collecting animation cels in 1997 and I probably have amassed a collection of nearly 1,000 separate pieces. You can view my online gallery here.
  • My favorite anime series is the little known series by Saint Seiya creator, Kurumada Masami: B’t X.
  • I only play RPGs.
  • I value story over gameplay, but agree that one should not outweigh the other.
  • I hate dubs with a passion and will typically extend this to include English translations as well. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to learn Japanese: because I couldn’t stand dubs and felt that I received a very different product from the original after it had been translated and localized.

2016 has been complete shit for me. If you’re curious what’s up in my life, you can take a look at these posts in which I tried to share some of the worst moments of my life:
[ here ] and [ here ].

Well, that’s all of the frequently asked questions that I can think of at the moment. If there are more, I will continue to add this post.

So please, if you have a question, check here first before taking your time and possibly wasting mine to ask your question… THANK YOU!!!